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Department of Energy

Heat Pumps Provide higher or lower savings than water heaters?

Higher savings

Leaking faucets can increase your energy costs (T/F)


Insulating the cold water pipes will save a lot of E

Insulating hot water pipes saves E

Refrigerators are ______ _______

Heat movers

Horizontal axis (front loading) washing machines are more effiencent than

top loading machines

What kind of label do highly energy efficient appliances have?

Energy Star Label

Water heaters are set to _____ degrees F


A water heater heats 151 gal of water from 54oF to 137oF every day. What is the annual energy requirement of the water heater

Annual energy requirement = 151 (137 - 54) 8.3 * 365 = 37968723.5 BTUs. Note: 1 gal of water weighs 8.3 lbs.

An old refrigerator consumes 250 W of power. Assuming that the refrigerator operates for 18 hours everyday, what is the annual operating cost of the refrigerator, if the cost of electricity is $0.06 per kWh?

Annual operating cost = 250 / 1000 18 0.06 * 365 = $98.55.

Which one of the following is true about global temperatures in the last century

iincreased about 1 degree fahrenheit

How many tons of carbon dioxide are released into the air each year

7 billions tons

global climate change caused by

increase in concentration of greenhouse gases in atmosphere due to human activities

condition that contributes to acid rain damage

poor soil buffering capacity

which area of US has most acidic rain


Where is ozone typically at its greatest concentrations

high altitudes

needed to produce ground level ozone

NOx, Hydrocarbons, SO2, sunlight

stratosphere begins at what altitude

10 miles

secondary pollutants


primary pollutants


PM2.5 describes the "fine" particles that are _____ 2.5 µm (micro meter) in diameter

PM2.5 describes the "fine" particles that are smaller than or equal to 2.5 µm (micro meter) in diameter.

Type R lamps


replaced 120 Watt Incadescent (800 hours) ($0.67) with with 28 (8000 hours) ($5.71) CFL


Compact floursecent lamps ____ times more efficent thatn incadescent lamps


Use of modern technology can reduce lighting by


Flourescent light is produced by

converting UV into visible light
reguires ballast

higher CRI

better color rendering

kitchen - 5 by 10
50 footcandles of illumination
how many 40 watt bulbs if one emits 500 lumens

5*10 = 50
lumens required: 50*50= 2500
2500/ 500 = 5 bulbs

HPS lamp

outdoor and industrial applications

120-watt light bulb left on for 24 hours
how much to operate light bulb if electricity costs 6 cents per Kwh

E consumed = 120/1000*24 = 2.88
E cost = 2.88 * 6/100 = $0.1728

100 watt
incandescent light bulb is operated for 12 hours
15 watt fluorescent light
10 cents per kWh, cost savings

100/1000*12=1.2 kWh
1.2*10/100 = 0.12

Vapors of which element are used to fill energy efficient bulbs


footcandle is calculated as

fc = lumens of light/ area in sq. ft

Incadescent lights operate at _____ than flurosecent light


Higher wattage bulbs have ________ efficiency compared to lower wattage bulbs


efficacy of lighting is measured by

lumens per watt

198 W, 15 h./day, $0.11

198/ 1000150.11*365 = $119.245

dishwashers require water temp of


212 W, 18 hr/ day, $0.09

212/1000 18 0.09 * 365 = 125.95

on-demand water heaters

do not have a storage tank

natural gas water heaters cost more to install than


heat pump

more efficient for heating water
higher savings than conventional water heaters

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