Embalming Chemistry Quiz #13

intrinsic and extrinsic factors cause the post-mortem cooling of a body to the environment following death
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Used with every decedent to minimize exposure to blood borne pathogensUniversal precautionsDuring the embalming process, exposure to blood, fluids and __________ is at a maximumMicroorganismsFuneral homes must develop a written __________ program that covers all hazardous chemicals present in the facility, proper labeling of containers, safety data sheets and regular employee training for hazards of the chemicalsHazardous communicationsVentilation, embalming machines with lids, and properly controlled drainage are effective ____________ for limiting exposure to formaldehydeEngineering controlsShould be washed periodically through the embalming operation, inspected for integrity often, and changed frequentlyDisposable gloves