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location of an object


change in position of an object over time

distance measurements

meters, kilometers, feet, miles

direction measurements

compass, protarator, units of degrees

frame of reference

needed to measure position or motion


the rate at which an object's position is changing over time

units of speed

meters per second
kilometers per hour
feet per second
miles per hour


the object's speed and its direction of motion


any change in the velocity over time of an object
(change in speed or direction)


negative acceleration


object's mass multiplied by its velocity
mass x velocity

greater inertia

the more mass an object has, the


tendency of an object to resist a change in motion

units of force



used to indicate the strenght and direction of a force

3 forces that act on an airplane



force that pulls all objects together

2 factors - determines amount of friction

roughness of the surfaces (makes sliding difficult)
how amouont of force used to push the 2 objects together


created whenever there is friction

Law of inertia

an object at rest tends to stay at rest,
and an object oin constant motion tends to stay in motion,
unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

balanced forces

effect is offset by other forces, so motion won't change;
often point in opposite directions and always add up to zero

unbalanced forces

cause an object to change its motion

object's acceleration decreases

as its mass increases if the force applied to the object remains the same

air resistance

force that slows down objects that are moving through air


push or pull


force that pushes an airplane forward

Newton's law of universal gravitation

the force of gravity depends on distance and mass

friction and drag

on Earth, these forces tend to slow an object down

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