What should you always wear over your eyes while in the lab even if your wear glasses?
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What should you do if concentrated acid or base spills on your hands and arms?Rinse with water for at least 15 minutesWhat device should you use immediately if a fire (except a very tiny one) starts near you?You should use a carbon dioxide extinguisher or a dry chemical fire extinguisher.What should you try first if a very small fire starts on your desk?Cut off air supply if in a flask or beaker.What should you do if your clothing catches fire?Go to a shower if there is one nearby. If not, roll on the floor until the flames extinguish.What actions should you take if the fire alarm goes off?Stop all work and leave everything in the lab. Follow the instructions of the lab instructor and head for the exit.What should you always do if you have to leave the lab or feel unwell or see a classmate who is unwell while in the midst of carrying out an experiment?let the lab instructor know.Why is it important to use dishwashing gloves for distillation experiment?Steel packing used in distillation experiment will cut through nitrile gloves/skinWhy is it important to use dishwashing gloves when washing IR plates?Methylene chloride used to clean plates will easily penetrate/burn through nitrile glovesMeasures to Prevent Explosion of Closed System(1) Use glassware that can withstand pressure(2) Evacuate system under vacuum before it is closed to atmosphere