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Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation declared free only those slaves who
a.) were living in the areas still in rebellion
b.) were serving in the Union armies
c.) were living in the border states
d.) has escaped to Northern States
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The legal basis for the escalation of United States involvement in the Vietnam war was the..
a.) declaration of war by Congress
b.) passage of the gulf of Tonkin Resolution by Congress
c.) United nations resolution condemning the North Vietnamese invasion of the South Vietnam
d.) mutual defense provisions of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
The term "Cold War" refers to the..
a.) race between U.S. and the Soviet Union to claim ownership of Antarctica
b.) contest between U.S. and the European Union for economic domination in the West
c.) Struggle between the U.S. and Soviet Union to gain political hegemony in world affairs.
d.) competition between the Soviet Union and China for the sources of the Pacific Rim
With which of the following statements would both Thomas Hobbes and John Locke most probably have agreed?
a.) Government authority is created as the result of a social contract
b.) Government must enforce religious laws to prevent moral decay
c.) Government must enforce the majority's will regardless of the wishes of the minority
d.) Government must bend to the will of the educated minority
Which of the following people would benefit most if the value of the United States dollar increased relative to the Japanese Yen?
a.) A United States car dealer importing Japanese cars
b.) A Japanese tourist vacationing in the United States
c.) A worker in the United States beer industry
d.) A Japanese baker buying Untied States Wheat
An increase in the real interest rate in the United States relative to its trading partners will most likely result in which of the following? a.) An increase in United States imports b.) An increase in Untied States exports c.) A decrease in the demand for the U.S. $ d.) a decrease in the U.S. trade deficita.) An increase in the United States imports foreign investors will transfer money to the U.S. in order to get a better Return On Investment (ROI)Operant conditioning would be most useful for... a.) determining whether a toddler is securely attached b.) increasing on-task behavior in the classroom c.) measuring a dependent variable d.) preventing anterograde amnesiab.) increasing on-task behavior in the classroomPoverty as defined by the United States government is best understood as.. a.) the index value of government services such as Medicaid and public housing b.) the concept of relative deprivation and is based on changes in the distribution of income c.) an absolute level set in the 1960s and since adjusted to reflect inflation at the consumer level d.) a concept based on lifestyle and measured on a sliding scale based on the needs of an individualc.) an absolute level set in the 1960s and since adjusted to reflect inflation at the consumer levelIn one hour, Amanda can type 5 pages of a report or she can make 10 sandwiches. The opportunity cost of typing one page of a report is.. a.) 2 sandwiches b.) 5 sandwiches c.) 10 sandwiches d.) 50 sandwichesa.) 2 sandwichesYou have gone back in time in a time machine. You aren't sure exactly what time you have landed, but you know you are in the U.S. You meet a man on the street and begin talking to him about his cultural beliefs. In the conversation, he states that he believes certain nations are inherently superior to others and are destined to rule the world. This man can best be described as: A. a Domino Theorist B.) a Washingtonite C.) a Social Darwinist D.) a Nazi E.) a McCarthyistC.) A Social DarwinistWhich of the following is a type of media bias? A.) Manumission B.) Remission C.) Intermission D.) OmissionD.) OmissionSofia lives in a country that is highly industrialized and has a low infant mortality rate. Which of the following statements is also true about where Sofia lives? A.) Sofia lives in a highly developed country. B.) The population of Sofia's country is evenly distributed between all age groups. C.) On average, mothers have two children in the country where Sophia lives. D.) All of the statements are true about where Sofia lives.D.) All of the statements are true about where Sofia livesWhich of the following treaties gave individual princes within the Holy Roman Empire the right to determine the religion of their area of rule? A.) The Westminster Treaty B.) The Peace of Augsburg C.) The Reformation Doctrine D.) The Council of GhentB.) The Peace of AugsburgThe French Revolution of 1848 sent which king into exile? A.) Charles X B.) Louis XVIII C.) Louis XVI D.) Louis-PhilippeD.) Louis-PhilippeWhich of the following is an example of pop culture? A.) Robert Frost's poetry B.) Mozart C.) Keeping up with the Kardashians D.) Higher EducationC.) Keeping up with the KardashianHow do race and ethnicity differ? A.) Race and ethnicity are both shared cultural traits, such as Indian, Chinese, or Japanese. B.) Race is determined by biological factors such as skin tone, hair color, and eye color. Ethnicity is a shared cultural background, such as Irish, Russian, or Nordic. C.) Race is a shared cultural background, such as Puerto Rican, American, or Sudanese. Ethnicity is determined by biological traits, such as hair color, eye color, and skin tone. D.) Race and ethnicity are both biological traits determined by skin tone, hair color, and eye colorB.) Race is determined by biological factors such as skin tone, hair color, and eye color. Ethnicity is a shared cultural background, such as Irish, Russian, or Nordic.What was a disadvantage to Ancient China's isolated location? A.) it allowed their culture to flourish B.) It prevented trade. C.) it provided protection from outside attacks. D.) it allowed them to expand.B.) it prevented trade.The leaked Pentagon Papers, which revealed confidential details about American involvement in the Vietnam War, helped to also reveal which of the following? A.) illegal military plans B.) Counter attacks against minority groups in the United States C.) President Nixon's abuse of executive privileges D.) Names of key spies within North KoreaC.) President Nixon's abuse of executive privileges'Which if the result of Saudi Arabia's large trade surplus? A.) increased valuation of imports and exports B.) Low taxes and increased money supply. C.) High incomes and increased GDP D.) Decreased negotiating powersC.) High incomes and increased GDPThe Kyoto Protocol declared that industrialized countries must A.) provide economic aid to developing countries. B.) serve as leaders in promoting social equality C.) increase diplomatic relationships D.) reduce greenhouse emissionsD.) reduce greenhouse emissionsWhich is NOT a way European colonization influenced indigenous populations? A.) indigenous populations were introduced to domestic animals like horses, sheep, cattle, and pigs. B.) Columbus and other Europeans enslaved indigenous populations as well as people from Africa. C.) The Columbian exchange was created and new goods and materials were made available to the new world. D.) It created immunity from the diseases that Europeans carried with them.D.) It created immunity from the diseases that Europeans carried with them.Calvin Coolidge's economic boost, which became known as "Coolidge Prosperity," was impacted by which of the following? A.) support for labor unions and economic policies that minimized inflation B.) anti-trust legislation and increase in tariffs C.) lower taxes and support of private businesses D.) increased taxes for the wealthy and for businessesC.) lower taxes and support of private businessesWhich Pope convened the Second Vatican Council? A.) John Paul I B.) Paul VI C.) John XXIII D.) Pius XIIC.) John XXIIIA map showing population and language use would be classified as which of the following? A.) a topographical map B.) a secondary source C.) a primary source D.) Autobiographical in natureB.) a secondary sourceWhich of the following is not a role or responsibility of the federal government? A.) to protect the states against foreign invasion B.) to conduct and regulate intrastate trade C.) to act as a broker between the states on disputed issues D.) to regulate income from taxation and tradeB.) to conduct and regulate intrastate trade"If your Union doe snot symbolize universal emancipation, it brings no Union for me. If your Constitution does not guarantee freedom for all, it is not a Consitution I can ascribe to. If your flag is stained by the blood of a brother held in bondage, I repudiate it in the name of God." This passage reflects the political opinions of which historical figure? A.) Frederick Douglas B.) Lucretia Mott C.) Jefferson Davis D.) Henry ClayA.) Frederick DouglasWhat important judicial process was established by the Supreme Court Case Marbury vs. Madison in 1803? A.) Habeas Corpus B.) The Fifth Amendment C.) The Judicial Review D.) The Appeal ProcessC.) The Judicial ReviewThe Great Awakening was among the the intellectual trends behind the American Revolution because: A.) It instilled Enlightenment ideals in the American Society B.) It promoted the rule of the people C.) It allowed religious plurality and diversity D.) It highlighted the religious foundations of the coloniesC.) it allowed religious plurality and diversityA macroeconomist would focus on all of the following except: A.) growth of GDP B.) impact of unemployment C.) monetary policy D.) a firm's profitsD.) a firm's profitsWhich of the following map projections is best used for a close up on a specific region? A.) Small Scale B.) Compromise projection C.) Equal area projection D.) Conformal Large scaleD.) Conformal Large Scale"If a student associates negative emotional experiences with school then this can obviously have bad results, such as creating a school phobia. For example, if a student is bullied at school they may learn to associate with fear." The statement above can be most closely associated with which psychological theorist? A.) Jean Piaget B.) B.F. Skinner C.) Franz Boas D.) Ivan PavlovD.) Ivan PavlovIn what way did the Black Codes limit African-American equality? A.) prohibited the public expression of legal concern B.) Prohibited testifying against whites C.) Restricted voting rights D.) All of the aboveD.) All of the above"The Cold was wildly expensive and consumed the entire globe." Which of the following statements most closely expresses the meaning of this quote? A.) Nuclear research devoured all countries economies and resulted in a holocaust that we have yet to recover from. B.) the competition between the superpowers for supremacy depleted their resources, claimed many casualties, and left no continent militarily or politically untouched. C.) The Cold War was the Third World War because it cost more in lives and economic dedication than World War I and World War Ii put together. D.) The Cold War directly involved every nation in the world.B.) The competition between the superpowers for supremacy depleted their resources, claimed many causalities, and left no continent militarily or politically untouched."the comparative study of the multitude of ways people make sense of the world around them, as well as the relationships between people and groups." This definition best fits which branch of Anthropology?" A.) Biocultural B.) Archaeological C.) Linguistic D.) SocioculturalD.) SocioculturalWhich of the following international events is an example of international multilateralism? A.) The 1997 creation and implementation of the Chemical Weapons treaty B.) The partition of Czechoslovakia in the Czech republic and Slovakia C.) US occupation of Japan after WWII D.) The Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1978A.) The 1997 creation and implementation of the Chemical Weapons TreatyHow were African-Americans affected by policies under President Truman? A.) Cabinet positions were offered to African-Americans for the first time. B.) The Armed Forces were desegregated. C.) Public Schools in the South were desegregated. D.) The First African-American supreme court judge was appointed.B.) The armed forces were desegregatedWhich of the following is not a required step in the legislative process? A.) committee review B.) passage in the House of Representatives C.) Introduction by a member of Congress D.) Signature of the President into lawD.) signature of the president into lawWhat cost curve declines continuously with increasing output? A.) None, they all rise B.) Average Fixed Cost C.) Average Variable Cost D.) Marginal CostB.) Average Fixed CostAmong the Iroquois tribes, women possessed a position of ascendancy because: A.) they were elected as monarchs B.) they were the only ones allowed to be sachems C.) they were believed to be connected to the earth deity D.) they were the owners of the longhousesC.) they were believed to be connected to the earth deityin 1796, the Democratic-Republicans represented which segment of the colonial population A.) wealthy northern merchants B.) southern tobacco farmers C.) puritans D.) those loyal to the constitutionB.) southern tobacco farmers"there are no universal principles by which all states may guides their actions. States must be always aware of the actions of other states and use a pragmatic approach to resolve problems." This statement reflects which theory of international relations? A.) realism B.) social liberalism C.) classical liberalism D.) regime theoryA.) realismWhich of the following best describes the benefits, to farmers, of genetically modified organisms A.) allow farmers to charge more for their crops B.) allow farmers to reduce chemical spraying, use less harmful chemicals, or increase output C.) prevent chemical run-off into water supply due to the elimination of tilling to control weeds D.) increase the cost of seeds and thus the profits for farmersB.) allow farmers to reduce chemical spraying, use less harmful chemicals, or increase outputWhich of the following is the best definition of the Moderate political stance? A.) generally reform-minded aspires to a constitutional based government B.) desires revolutionary change that places governmental power in the hands of the formerly oppressed C.) argues for universal suffrage D.) posits that order and hierarchy are the foremost priorities of governmentA.) generally reform-minded aspires to a constitutional based governmentWhat two regions did the Erie Canal connect? A.) South to North B.) West to Northeast C.) Southeast to West D.) Southeast to MidwestB.) West to NortheastWhich of the following is clearly a conventional form of political participation A.) Blocking a highway during a protest B.) Staging a sit-in outside the governors office C.) Writing to your elected representative D.) Terrorism E.) Performing graffiti art on the capital rotundaC.) writing to your elected representativeOriginally, political philosophy that emphasized the protection of liberty by limiting power of government interference with the natural rights of citizens; in the twentieth century, belief in an activist government promoting greater social and economic equality. A) Nativism B.) nationalism C.) Liberalism D.) SocialismC.) LiberalismPolitical rulers should avoid entangling alliances with other nations and avoid all wars not related to direct territorial self-defense A.) Nomadic pastoralism B.) Cultural Relativity C.) Uncle Tom's Cabin D.) Non-interventionismD.) Non-interventionismPassed over President Harry Truman's veto, the law contained a number of provisions to weaken labor unions, including the banning of closed shops. It imposed a federally mandated "cooling-off period" on strikes judged to endanger national security. A.) Caste System B.) Sedition Act C.) Communist Manifesto D.) Taft Hartley ActD.) Taft Hartley ActRoman Statesman who established the Roman Empire and became emperor in 27 BC. First Roman Emperor A.) Julius Caesar B.) Inca C.) Investiture D.) AugustusD.) AugustusGreek word for city-state. Is a city, a city-state and also citizenship and body of citizens. When used to describe Classical Athens and its contemporaries, it is often translated as "city-state" A.) Polis B.) Price Floor C.) Monopolistic Competition D.) SpartaA.) PolisWas an American abolitionist, who advocated and practiced armed insurrection as a means to end all slavery. He led the Pottawatomie Massacre in 1856 in Bleeding Kansas and made his name in the unsuccessful raid at Harpers Ferry in 1859. A.) John Brown B.) Julius Andrassy C.) Sigmund Freud D.) PhilosophesA.) John BrownThe US Supreme court, with its ruling in the case Marbury vs. Madison, established: A.) That states could not apply federal laws B.) The power of Congress to create additional federal courts C.) The right of federal courts to hear state disputes D.) That the court could review laws to determine if they conflicted with the Constitution E.) That states could not sue each otherD.) The the court could review laws to determine if they conflicted with the ConstitutionWhat is the rough distribution of party identification among US citizens in recent years? A.) There are considerably more Democrats then Republicans B.) There are considerably more Republicans than Democrats C.) There are more independents than Democrats and Republicans combined D.) There are roughly the same number of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents E.) No one knows because it is illegal to identify with a political party if you are not running for officeD.) There are roughly the same number of Democrats, Republicans, and IndependentsWhose presidency offered a new deal? A.) John F. Kennedy B.) Theodore Roosevelt C.) Franklin D. Roosevelt D.) Harry TrumanC.) Franklin D. RooseveltIn what year was the declaration of independence signed? A.) 1772 B.) 1774 C.) 1776 D.) 1787 E.) 1788C.) 1776Which of the following does not accurately describe changes in the US economy in the late 80s and 90s. A.) The importance of manufacturing declined B.) The US enjoyed its lowest poverty rate in 100 years C.) The number of multiple income families increased D.) The degree of wealth inequality increasedB.) The US enjoyed its lowest poverty rate in 100 years.Uptain Sinclair's The Jungle was an unflinching portrayal of A.) Exploited Child labor B.) Corporate monopolies and Robber Barons C.) The meatpacking industry D.) The Slave TradeC.) the meatpacking industryThe term manifest destiny was used to describe which 19th century American Ideal? A.) That Americans were destined to settle the continent from coast to coast B.) That white Americans were superior to enslaved Americans. C.) That women belonged in the home performing domestic duties D.) That the country was destined to split into two separate countries.A.) That Americans were destined to settle that continent from coast to coastWhich founding father was the first secretary of the treasury? A.) Benjamin Franklin B.) James Madison C.) Alexander Hamilton D.) Thomas JeffersonC.) Alexander HamiltonWhich of the following is true about countries that have high Gini Indices? A.) Most of the wealth is concentrated in a small segment of society B.) They have achieved a high degree of gender equality C.) They are on track to meet the UN Millennium Development Goals D.) They exhibit a high standard of livingA.) Most of the wealth is concentrated in a small segment of societyWhy is the bureaucracy system so critical to our government now? A.) The Supreme Court has ruled that the system must exist to help Congress B.) It is very difficult to remove once created C.) Problems are too vast and complex for Congress to control D.) It has no effective controls on its powersC.) problems are too vast and complex for Congress to controlWhich presidential candidate's cool demeaner when answering the startling first question of a debate, in which the moderator discussed the hypothetical assault and murder of the candidate's wife, contributed to image problems that cost the candidate the campaign? A.) Al Gore B.) Jimmy Carter C.) Bob Dole D.) Michael DukakisD.) Michael DukakisIn which year was the legal age of voting lowered from 21 to 18 A.) 1971 B.) 1968 C.) 1945 D.) 1920A.) 1971How many sectors is the U.S. economy divided? A.) 10 B.) 18 C.) 12 D.) 20B.) 18What was the major issue of the presidential election of 1896? A.) Prohibition B.) Workers' Rights C.) Laissez- Faire economic policy D.) The unlimited coinage of silverD.) The unlimited coinage of silver