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Flavored marg frozen rocks2oz- cuervo silver 1oz-triple sec 2oz- lime juice 1oz- agave 3oz- puree blend 2 scoops lime and saltFlavored marg frozen pitcher6oz- cuervo silver 3 oz- triple sec 10 oz- lime juice 3 oz- agave 6oz- puree blend 2 scoops lime and saltRocco Rita rocks2 oz- Teremana blanco 1oz- patron Cintronge orange liquer 3oz- sour upgrade with an anejo salt rim and limeRocco rita pitcher6oz- Teremana Blanco 3oz- patron Cintronge orange liquer 12oz- sour salt rim and limeRocco Rita (Frozen) rocks2 oz- teremana Blanco 1oz-patron Cintronge orange liquer 2oz-lime juice 1oz- agave upgrade to anejo lime salt (blend 2 scoops)Rocco Rita (Frozen) pitcher6oz- teremana blanco 3oz-patron Cintronge orange liquer 10oz- lime juice 4oz-agave upgrade to anejo lime salt blendCadilac marg rocks2oz-Corazon anejo 1oz- grand marinier 3oz- sour lime saltCadilac marg pitcher6 oz corazon anjeo 3oz- grand marinier 12oz- sour lime and saltCadillac marg frozen rocks2 oz- corazon anjeo 1oz- grand marinier 2oz-lime juice 1oz-agave lime and salt blendcadillac frozen pitcher6oz-corazon anejo 3oz- grand marinier 10 oz-lime juice 4oz- agave blend salt limeBlack diamond marg rocks2oz- maestro dobel diamente 1oz- fresh black cherry juice 1oz- lime juice 1oz-simple black sea salt, dehydrated lime only available by glass on rocksJalapeno marg rocks2oz- tanteo jalapeno infused 1oz-triple sec 3oz-roccos lime mix pick your pepper Jalapeno, chipotle, habanero salt, lime,jalapenoJalapeno marg pitcher6oz- tenteo 3oz- triple sec 12oz-lime mix pick pepper Jalapeno, chipotle, habanero salt,lime,jalapenoJalapeno marg Frozen rocks2oz- tanteo 1oz-triple sec 2oz- lime juice 1oz- agave 1oz-simple Jalapeno, chipotle, habanero salt,lime,jalapenoJalapeno marg pitcher frozen6oz-tanteo 3oz-triple sec 10 oz-lime juice 4oz-agave 3oz-simple Jalapeno, chipotle, habanero salt,lime,jalapenoStrawberry Basil Margarita2oz- Herradura silver 1oz-triple sec 2oz-lime juice 1oz-agave muddle strawberry,basil, agave salt, 2strawberry,2basil leaf only availible by glassWatermelon Kiss Margarita rocks2oz- herradura silver 1oz-triple sec 1oz- lime juice 1/2oz-agave 1oz- finest call watermelon sugar rim, watermelon sliceWatermelon Kiss Margarita frozen2oz- Herradura silver 1oz- triple sec 2oz-lime juice 1oz agave 1oz- finest call watermelon sugar rim, watermelon sliceSkinny Senorita2oz- cuervo silver 2oz- lime mix dehydrated edible flower, dehydrated lime correct glass and garnish served straight up coupe glassRocco Mangohighball glass 3oz- batch mix 2oz- roccos lime hibiscus salt rim, dehydrated limerocco mango batch recipe1 bottle- rock and roll blanco 1 bottle- rock and roll mango 1 bottle- JF haydens mango liquerAvocado Marg2 oz- corazon blanco 2oz- batch mix 1oz-triple sec mint leaf, dehydrated limeAvocado batch mix2 diced avocados 2oz- agave 2oz-lime juice pinch of salt blendTwo Tango marg1oz- El Jimador silver 1oz- dos hombres mezcal 1/2 oz- agave 1oz- fresh lime 1slice jalapeno old fashion rocks muddle jalapeno, agave, lime lightly half rim jalapeno salt dehydrated chile, dehydrated limeJalisco punch infusion4 bottles mi campo blanco 4 pineapple wheels .5 hibiscus flowers( handful) 2 tbsp vanilla bean extract 4 charred jalapenos infuse for 24-36 hoursJalisco Punchold fashion rocks glass 3oz- infusion 1oz - orange juice 1/2 oz- agave top with sprite dehydrated lime, 2 pineapple leaves 1/2 hibiscus salt rimMojitos flavorsRaspberry, original, limon, pineapple, mango, grapefruit, dragonberry, coconut, bananaMojito18oz mojito glass 3oz- bacardi or bacardi flavor 1oz simple 4-6 lime wedges 4-6 mint leaves club soda topCasamigos lemonaderoccos logo pint 2oz-casamigos silver 6 muddled lemon 1 oz agave club soda topDos Homb-RiseHighball 2oz- dos hombres espadin 1oz lime juice 1/2 oz agave 2oz pineapple juice .5 oz grenadine tajin rim, dehydrated pineappleCoco Cabanahighball 2 oz cuervo silver 2oz lime mix 1oz- coco real 1 mint spring club soda shaved coconut, mint leave, dehydrated limeEl gato maloold fashion rocks 3oz cold brew 2oz tequila coffee liquer 1/2oz agave 3 coffee beans splash and topped off with creamSmokey Mule2oz- dos hombrez mezcal 1oz- lime juice ginger beerMexican mule2oz- corazon anejo 1oz-Lime ginger beerAmerican Mule2oz- titos 1oz-lime ginger beerOld fashion2oz- Herradura Anejo 1oz- Agave 4 dashes of fee brothers orange 4 dashes of chocolate bitter orange peel 70/30 chocolate pieceWhite SangriaMojito glass 1/2 oz OJ 1/2 simple 1oz amaretto 1oz- enj brandy 1 lime wedge, 1 lemon wedge, 1 orange wheel 3oz chard top with ginger ale add fruit lightly muddleWhite sangria pitcher2oz oj 2oz simple 2 oz amaretto 2oz enj brandy 5 lime, lemon, orange 14oz chard ginger ale topGrand Mariner Sangria1/2 oj 1/2 simple 1oz grand marinier 1 lime, lemon, orange 3oz chard top with ginger ale muddle fruitGrand marinier sangria pitcher2oz oj 2oz simple 3oz grand marinier 5 lime, lemon, orange ginger aleRed Sangria1/2oz oj 1/2oz simple 1oz blackberry brandy 1oz enj brandy 1 lemon, lime, orange 3 oz merlot ginger ale muddle fruitred sangria pitcher2oz oj 2oz simple 2oz blackberry brandy 2oz enj brandy 5 lemon, lime, orange 14 oz merlot ginger aleRed Grand marinier1/2oz oj 1/2 oz simple 1oz grand marinier 3oz merlot 1 lemon, lime orange ginger aleRed Grand marinier pitcher2oz oj 2 oz simple 3oz grand marinier 14oz merlot 5 lemon, lime, orange ginger aleRose sangria1/2oz oj 1/2oz simple 1oz enj brandy 1oz triple sec 1 lemon, lime, orange 3oz rose ginger aleRose sangria pitcher2oz oj 2 oz simple 2oz enj brandy 2oz triple sec 5 lemon, lime, orange 14oz rose ginger aleRose Grand marinier sangria1/2oz oj 1/2oz simple 1oz grand marinier 1oz triple sec 1 lemon, lime, orange 3oz rose ginger aleRose Grand marinier sangria pitcher2oz oj 2oz simple 3oz grand marinier 5 lemon, lime, orange 14oz rose ginger aleRoseberryroccos pint 1oz dugan and dane tonic 1/4oz agave 8 blueberries muddled 1 rosemary sprig 4-6 blueberries, rosemary, dehydrated lime wheelpinita1oz dugan and dane tiki tonic syrup 1/4 agave 1 1/2oz pineapple 1/2oz fresh lime mint spring tajin rim, mint sprig, dehydrated pineappleSpicy Basil Mule3oz Q ginger beer 1oz fresh lime 1 jalapeno wheel basil leaf 5 dashes grapefruit bitters muddle jalapeno basil leaf and dehydrated lime wheelhappy hour winechard, pinot grigio, cab, and merlotHappy hour house liquorsFinlandia, Cuervo, Jack daniels,bacardiHappy hour margarita house1.5oz cuervo .5 triple sec 1.5oz sourHappy hour margarita volcanic1.5 cuervo .5 triple sec 3/4 oz black cherry puree 1 1/2oz sourHappy hour margarita watermelon1.5 cuervo .5 triple 1 1/2oz sour 1oz watermelon pureeHappy hour margarita skinny1.5 cuervo .5 triple sec 1.5 roccos lime clun soda topHappy hour margarita jalapeno1.5oz tanteo jalapeno .5oz triple sec 1.5oz sour pick your pepperHappy hour margaliterstraditional, strawberry, mangoHappy hour traditional margaliter6oz cuervo 3oz triple sec 12oz sour 10oz waterHappy hour strawberry/ mango margaliter6oz cuervo 3oz triple sec 9oz sour 3oz flavor puree 10oz waterBrunch cocktailsAll you can drink sat/sun mimosas 3oz sparkling wine 2oz oj Bloody mary 2oz finlandia 4oz zing zang lemon,olive,spice rim RoseTaco tuesday cocktail1.5oz cuervo 1oz triple 3oz sour (pitcher) 6oz cuervo 3oz triple sec 12oz sourTaco Tuesday shots1.5 traditional silvertaco tuesday beermexican draft beerDos hombres margaliter6oz dos hombres mezcal 3oz triple sec 12oz sour 10 oz waterrocco rita margaliter6oz cuervo 3oz patron orange liquer 12oz sour 10oz waterCadillac margaliter6oz cuervo anjeo 3oz grand marinier 12oz sour 10oz watertequila mezcal flight3 1oz shots 3 orange slices cinamon sugar and salt osDeer and beershot of cazadores blanco with beerMs. Margarita2oz cuervo silver( tequila may change) 1oz triple sec 2 oz fresh lime .5oz agavePina colada frozen3oz bacardi rum 2oz pineapple 4oz coco realpina colada virgin2oz pineapple 4oz coco realSour mixlarge: 1 tbsp powered aquafaba 8oz water 2 gallons of sour mix small: 1 bar spoon aquafaba 1/2 gallon of sour mixroccos lime mix1 bottle cole pressed lime juice 4oz agave 10oz of water 1/3 aquafaba