Chapter 8: Key terms

3-D printing
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An intaglio printmaking process in which value areas rather than lines are etched on the printing plate; powdered resin is sprinkled on the plate, which is then immersed in an acid bath, and the acid bites around the resin particles, creating a rough surface that holds ink; also a print made using this process.
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intaglioAny printmaking technique in which lines and areas to be inked are recessed below the surface of the printing plate.linoleum cutA relief printmaking process, also known as a linocut, in which an artist cuts away negative spaces from a block of linoleum, leaving raised areas to take ink for printing.lithographyA planographic printmaking technique based on the antipathy of oil and water; the image is drawn with a grease crayon or painted with tusche on a stone or grained aluminum plate; the surface is then chemically treated and dampened so that it will accept ink only where the crayon or tusche has been used.matrixThe block of metal, wood, stone, or other material that an artist works to create a print.offset lithographyLithographic printing by indirect image transfer from photomechanical plates; the plate transfers ink to a rubber-covered cylinder, which "offsets" the ink to the screenA variation of a silkscreen in which the stencil is prepared by transferring a photograph to the stencil.plate markAn impression made on a piece of paper by pressing a printing plate onto it; usually a sign of an original print.printA multiple original impression made from a plate, stone, woodblock, or screen by an artist or made under the artist's supervision; usually made in editions, with each print numbered and signed by the artist.registrationIn color printmaking or machine printing, the process of aligning the impressions of blocks or plates on the same sheet of paper.relief printmakingA technique in which the parts of the printing surface that carry ink are left raised, while remaining areas are cut away.screenprinting (silkscreen, serigraphy)A technique in which stencils are applied to fabric stretched across a frame, and paint or ink is forced through the unblocked portions of the screen onto paper or another surface beneath.stencilA sheet of paper, cardboard, or metal with a design cut out; painting or stamping over the sheet prints the design on a surface.wood engravingA method of relief printing in wood; made with denser wood, cutting into the end of the grain rather than the side.woodblockA type of relief print made from a plank of relatively soft wood; the artist carves away the negative spaces, leaving the image in relief to take the ink for printing.

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