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a new drug, Serostat, blocks the formation of MPF (mitotic promoting factor) in cultured HeLa cells. which of the following aspects of the reproduction of cells would most likely be disrupted by Serostat?
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an obstetrician knows that one of her patients is a pregnant woman, whose fetus is at risk for a serious genetic disorder that is detectable biochemically in fetal cells. The obstetrician would most reasonably offer which of the following procedures to her patient?amniocentesismany genes have more than just two differing alleles. Which of the following statements is true of alleles?an individual will contain only two of all the possible alleles for a genein corn plants, tall is dominant to short. If a heterozygous corn plant is crossed with a homozygous tall plant, what is the probability that the offspring will be short?0%the fact that all seven of the pea plant traits studied by Mendel obeyed the principle of Independent Assortment most probably indicated which of the following?all of the genes controlling the traits behaved as if they were on different chromosomeswhich of the following is correct concerning the genetic experiments conducted by Gregor Mendel?Mendel's experimental results apply equally to plants and animals today"Bowlitis" is a sex-linked recessive disease of the species ibis and is fatal, but death occurs only in Bowl years. Sebastian (the Hurricane ibis male mascot) is normal and does not have the diease. He falls in love with a female ibis cheerleader, who is a known carrier of the "Bowlitis" gene. If they marry and have a single baby ibis, what is the probability that the baby ibis will have the disease?25%Captain Kirk, a Federation Fleet Officer, medical records indicate that he has 42% of the bases in his DNA is cytosine. Approximately what percentage of his DNA nucleotides should be guanine?42%What is meant by the description "antiparallel" regarding the strands that make up DNA?the 5' to 3' direction of one strand runs counter to the 5' to 3' direction of the other strandin 1958 Meselson and Stahl grew e. coli bacteria in a medium containing "heavy" nitrogen (15N) and then transferred them to a medium containing 14N for two rounds of replication in 14N. Which of the results in the figure below would be expected after two rounds of DNA replication in the presence of 14N?Ethe rungs (steps) along the length of a DNA helix are made of?deoxyribonucleotide paired baseswhich of the following statements correctly describes the bonds that hold a DNA helix together?weak hydrogen bonds hold together the nitrogenous bases, while strong covalent bonds hold together the sugar and phosphatesin the figure of a DNA helix below many transcription factors can bind to the major groove of the DNA double helix. Which label best represents the major groove of this DNA?Bwhich of the following prokaryotic DNA polymerases is responsible for removing the RNA segments during the replication of DNA?DNA polymerase Ia promotor sequence in prokaryotic DNA, such as the TATA box (TATAAT), recognizes which of the following?sigma factor of an RNA polymeraseone would expect to find a 5' - Cap and a 3' poly-A tail in which of the following molecules?mRNA that has been transported to the cytoplasmthe role of a spliceosome in eukaryotic transcription is to excise (remove) ________ from a primary transcript?intronswhich of the following molecules is (are) part of a transcription initiation complex?choose this answer if all of these are part of a transcription initiation complexa restriction endonuclease fragment of DNA from Drosophila is sequences and has the nucleotide sequence shown below. Of the two strands (Watson or Crick) which could most likely be a template that could be copied into proper gene RNA transcript?the Crick strand of DNAamino acids that are transported to the A-site (aminoacyl site) on a ribosome are attached to?the 3' end adenine nucleotide of tRNA moleculean Hfr bacterial cell is one in which an F-plasmid has become?integrated into the bacterial chromosome of the bacterial host cellthe enzyme Reverse Transcriptase may be used to make?cDNAwhat is the most logical sequence of steps for splicing foreign DNA into a plasmid and inserting the plasmid into a bacterium?3, 2, 4, 5, 1x-ray diffraction of crystallized DNA (photo 51) revealed?the DNA is a helix with a constant diameterthe antiparallel orientation of the polynucleotide strands in helical DNA results in one strand being synthesized continuously, while the other strand is synthesized in short fragments. Which strand is synthesized continuously?the leading stranda Los Vegas crime scene investigator prepares DNA fingerprint ample from a crime scene using DNA fragment electrophoresis and analyzes the DNA patterns of three suspects (see figure below). Of the 3 suspects which one was most likely to have been at the crime scene.suspect 2what will happen to DNA synthesis if the following nucleotide is added to the reaction mixture being used to copy DNA into new DNA molecules?DNA synthesis of the new strand will stop after the nucleotide is addedthe closest approximation of the number of the protein coding genes in human DNA is?22,000 to 25,000 genesthe greatest proportion of DNA in the human genome is?repetitive DNA segmentsthe relatively new discipline that applies statistics, information theory, and computational methodologies to biological data is referred to as?bioinformaticswhich of the following biotechnology lab procedures would be best to use to amplify a small amount of DNA?polymerase chain reactionwhich of the following DNA sequences is more likely than any of the others to be recognized and to be cut by a restriction endonuclease?5' -TAGCTA- 3' 3' -ATCGAT- 5'the genetic code is considered to be?choose this choice if it is considered to be all of the aboveC4 plants and CAM (Crassuleacan Acid Metabolism) plants each lower the effects of photorespiration by?storing CO2 in acid molecules as OAA (oxaloacetate) that can be used at other times or in other cellsthe enzyme(s) of carbon dioxide fixation (reduction) in photosynthesis in plants is (are)?both ribulose-bisphosphate-carboxylase/oxygenase (Rubisco) and PEP carboxylase (phosphoenol-pyruvate carboxylase)