Hamlet Act 4

How does the Queen protect Hamlet?
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Hamlet calls Rosencrantz a sponge because he thinks he "soaks up the king's countenance, his rewards, his authorities (4.2. 16-17 ). This means that Rosencrantz is too committed to the King. He says that the King will just keep Rosencrantz in his 'jaw' and when he needs something (like information) from him he can "[squeeze] you and, sponge, you" (4.2. 21-22) and get information
The first place he tells Claudius is at supper but he really means that Polonius is being eaten by worms in the ground. He says "[a] certain convocation of politic worms are e'en at him. Your worm is your only emperor for diet" (4.3.20-21). Later he says that Polonius is in heaven and that Claudius should send someone to check to make sure or to go to hell to check himself. He says "In heaven. Send hither
to see. If your messenger find him not
there, seek him i' th' other place
yourself" ( 4.3. 34-35).
Hamlet is astonished that the large army can be run by such "a delicate and tender prince," (4.4. 49). His ambition allows him to have the courage to fight "When honor's at the stake."(4.4. 57). He thinks he needs to act more quickly like these men and only listen to the violent thoughts in his head. This is seen when he says "Oh, from this time forth,
My thoughts be bloody, or be nothing worth!" (4.4. 67).
What does King C tell Laertes to do?Claudius asks Laertes to choose his wisest friends and have them talk to him. If his friends think that Claudius is guilty of Polonius' murder he says he will give up his crown and his life. However, if he is innocent then Claudius will help Laertes get revenge on the guilty party.What happens to Hamlet during his passage to England?. While Hamlet was at sea for two days, a pirate ship pursued them. They were forced to fight, and he was taken as a prisoner.What does Laertes ask Claudius in scene 7?Laertes wants to know why Claudius did not take immediate action against Hamlet's actions.What is Claudius' response?The King says he did not act because "the queen his mother Lives almost by his looks" (4.7.11-13) meaning that Gertrude is devoted to Hamlet. The other reason is that the public also love Hamlet, and they may overlook his faults.What scheme do Claudius and Laertes Plan?Claudius proposes the plan to trick Hamlet in some kind of undertaking that will kill him. He wants the death to look like an accident so "of no wind of blame shall breathe" (4.7. 64). He will have Laertes fight Hamlet in a duel and put poison on Laertes' sword. One scrape and Hamlet will be dead.What is the back-up plan?The back up plan is to have poison in a chalice and if Hamlet wins he will drink from the cup and dieWhat news does the queen bring?The Queen brings news of Ophelia's death. She says that Ophelia made wild wreathes out of leaves. When she climbed the tree to hand the wreath, she fell into the brook. Her clothes spread out in the water and she floated for a few moments, then she sank to the bottom.