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  1. stupor
  2. Central Venous pressure
  3. nursing intervention for a patient with IOP
  4. when administering ear drops
  5. nursing care for patient with chronic glaucoma
  1. a put client on unaffected side, clean the outer ear, straighten ear canal (Up and back for adults, and older children), Down and back for small children, instill drops, stay on side for 5-10 minutes, may moisten cotton with medication
  2. b avoid lifting, straining, coughing, excessive fluids, administer daily eye drops, and be mindful of safety
  3. c requires stimulation to arouse
  4. d make sure they don't lay on the operative side and not with the head down, no coughing or vomiting and we don't want the patient to shave because of the pulling or pressure to the area
  5. e normal is 4 to 10 cm H20; abnormal is above 15

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  1. an incision in the typanum to release the increased pressure and exudate from the middle ear
  2. normal is 0 to 10 mm Hg; abnormal is above 15
  3. cleaned with mild soap and water
  4. will have poor depth perception
  5. the Canal of Schlemm is completely and totally blocked off; it is when the pupils dilate and will not constrict and cause a very rapid increase in IOP; patient gets headaches and nausea, vomiting and will need emergency surgery

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  1. CN Vtrigeminal (sensory and motor) (face, eye surface, chewing)


  2. parasympathetic nervous systemmaintenance system (called the cholinergic system because the neurotransmitter is attributed to choline); "feed and breed", sounds like colon; slows peristalsis, slows HR, BP drops, pupils constrict


  3. mydriaticsconstrict the eye


  4. medications ordered for ICPsteroids (inflammatory effect), diuretics (osmotic such as Mannitol), anticonvulsant (Dilantin or Barbituate) due to risk of seizures


  5. CN XIIhypoglossal (motor) tongue movement "tongue has the last word)


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