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  1. detached retina
  2. Probenicid
  3. nursing intervention for seizures
  4. CN X
  5. medications ordered for ICP
  1. a increases the blood levels of PCN and is administered sometimes
  2. b retina is separated from blood supply of choroid layer; patient may see ok in 3/4 of vision, but in 1/4 patient says that they only see a black field; flashes of light, floating particles
  3. c vagus (sensory and motor) (pharynx, larynx, parasympathetic)
  4. d steroids (inflammatory effect), diuretics (osmotic such as Mannitol), anticonvulsant (Dilantin or Barbituate) due to risk of seizures
  5. e protect from injury, do not restrain, maintain airway, observe and record seizure, postictal phase (they sleep)

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  1. (pink eye) is common; symptoms are irritation, tearing, redness and a mucopurulent drainage (or stringy yellow mucus); spreads rapidly to the unaffected eye and treatment with antibiotic drops shorten the course of the disorder
  2. assess for iodine allergy because it works better with contrast or iodine (is an x-ray)
  3. will receive miotic drugs(Pilocarpine) to constrict the pupils and make it easier to drain the canal of Schlemm which allows the aqueous humor to drain
  4. an incision in the typanum to release the increased pressure and exudate from the middle ear
  5. ask if patient has metal in the body; ask them about claustrophobia (may need to be sedated)

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  1. LPvigorous stimulation produces no response


  2. presbyopialoss of accommodation associated with age


  3. myopiatrochlear (motor) (downward, inward eye movement)


  4. sensorineural hearing lossclient needs to be supine with head turned to the affected side, placed on the conjunctival sac, place pressure on the inner canthus (keeps med from going out into the systemic circulation)


  5. confusedlacks ability to think clearly and rapidly


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