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  1. Meinere's disease
  2. hyperopia
  3. Wet AMD
  4. signs of otitis media with effusion
  5. tinnitus
  1. a ringing in the ears
  2. b farsightedness
  3. c feeling of fullness of the ear, plugged feeling or popping, and decreased hearing, no fever pain, or discharge from ear
  4. d inner ear issue, signs are "drop attacks" where they fall to the floor; nausea and vomiting, tinnitus; believed to be a problem with the endolymph and perilymph (treatment is to restrict fluids or low sodium diet); given antiemetics for N&V (Benadryl, Antivert); surgery is viable option; if untreated they will lose hearing in affected side
  5. e more severe form, the majority of patients with eyes affected become functionally blind; has a more rapid onset and is noted by the development of abnormal blood vessels in or near the macula.

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  1. avoid lifting, straining, coughing, excessive fluids, administer daily eye drops, and be mindful of safety
  2. near sightedness
  3. cleaned with mild soap and water
  4. widely used class of antimicrobials; treat gram positive and gram negative organisms; treats gonococcus, meningococcus, pneumococcus, streptococcus, treponema
  5. occurs in the outer and middle ear and impairs the sound being conducted from the outer to the inner ear, can be caused by impacted cerumen, foreign bodies, middle ear disease, otosclerosis (fixation of the footplate of the stapes in the oval window) and stenosis of the external auditory canal

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  1. Central Venous pressurenormal is 4 to 10 cm H20; abnormal is above 15


  2. Intracranial pressureretina is separated from blood supply of choroid layer; patient may see ok in 3/4 of vision, but in 1/4 patient says that they only see a black field; flashes of light, floating particles


  3. LPphysician inserts a needle and aspirates CSF for analysis; used to measure pressure in that area


  4. full consciousnessringing in the ears


  5. astigmatismirregular corneal curvature