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ch 12

Which of the following statements best describes an integrated delivery system?
A healthcare system that contracts directly with physicians in an independent practice or with one or more multiplicative group practice
Where was the first hospital organized in the British colonies of North America?
What was the primary objective of the original Social Security Act, which became law in 1935?
...To provide healthcare insurance for the elderly
Why was the American Medical Association established?
... To represent the interest of physicians across the country
Which of the following occupations is not usually considered to be an allied
Under which president was legislation on national health insurance passed
Harry Truman
Which of the following descriptions best describes the Medicaid program?
Provides healthcare benefits to low-income persons and their children
Individuals who receive acute care services in a hospital are considered what?
Hospitals can be classified by which of the following?
type of serves provided, type of ownership and number of beds
Which of the following defines a hospital's mission statement?
Describes the organization's purpose and the customers it services
In almost every hospital, the largest clinical department in terms of staffing, budget, specialized services offered, and clinical expertise required is which of the following?
Diagnostic services
What is the goal of managed care?
To manage Medicare and Medicaid programs
Which is the best definition of ambulatory surgery?
Any surgical procedure that does not require an overnight stay in a hospital
Why are home health care services the fastest-growing sector of Medicare?
Because of increased economic pressure from third- party payers
The VA hospital system was originally established to provide hospital, nursing home, residential, and outpatient medical and dental care to the veterans of which war?
Second world war
Which federal legislation enacted the Medicare and Medicaid programs?
Public Law 98-21 of 1965
Which of the following statements best describes Medicare?
A federal program that finances healthcare services for the elderly
Which of the following statements best describes Medicaid?
A federal program that finances healthcare services for low-income families
.Which governmental entity (entities) administer(s) the Medicaid program?
State Governments
Which of the following types of healthcare organizations are privately owned; that is, which of the following healthcare organizations pay out their excess revenues in the form of bonuses and dividends to managers, owners, and investors?
For- profit hospitals
Which of the following would be categorized as voluntary hospitals?
University hospital
Who is primarily responsible for setting the overall direction of an acute care hospital?
Medical staff classification
Which of the following refers to the organization of physicians according to clinical assignment?
Medical staff bylaws
Which of the following professions is generally considered to be an allied health career?
The chief executive officer
To become board- certified in pediatrics, which of the following would an internal medicine physician need to do ?
Clinical laboratory science
The adoption of the minimum standards marked the beginning of what modern practice for healthcare organizations?
Complete graduate training in pediatric medicine and pass a national examination
Accoutering to the AMA, which of the following incorporates the health care- related professions that function to assist, facilitate, and/or complement the work of physicians and other clinical
which of the following laws created the healthcare integrity and protection Data bank?
Allied health
Who is responsible for implementing the policies and strategic direction of the hospital or healthcare organization and for building an effective executive management team?
health information portability and accountability Act
what government agency supports medical research?
national Institutes of Health
A HIT student has asked you why medicare reimburses healthcare provider through prospective payment system. which of the following pieces of legislation would you use as your example?
Tax equity and fiscal act of 1982
which of the following best discernible medicaid?
Federally mandated health program for low-income people
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