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The tool control program is based on what inventory concept?
instant inventory concept
What officer is responsible for coordinating the tool control program?
Material Control Officer
What division is responsible for monitoring the tool control program?
Quality Assurance
What two manuals outline the chain of command responsibilities regarding occupational safety?
OPNAVINST 5100.19 and OPNAVINST 5100.23
What is the primary source of information involving the use of hazardous materials?
Material Safety Date Sheet
Who is responsible for training shop personnel in the use of the material safety data sheet?
Work center supervisor
What type of diagram is useful for showing the relationship of components of a system and the sequence in which the different components operate?
What type of diagram is a graphic representation of a system that shows how a component fits with other components but does not indicate its actual location in the aircraft?
What type of diagrams use actual drawings of components within the system?
The logical/deductive reasoning process of finding a malfunction is known by what term?
What are the seven steps encompassed in the troubleshooting aids generally found in the aircraft MIMS?
Visual inspection, operational check, classify the trouble, isolate the trouble,locate the trouble, correct the trouble, and conduct final operational check
During a visual inspection, a hydraulic system should be checked for what primary concerns?
Proper servicing levels
What substance is used to reduce friction, cool metallic parts, prevent wear, and protect against corrosion?
What are the four methods of applying lubricants?
Grease gun, squirt can, hand, and brush
What type of lubrication fittings rests level with the surface and will not interfere with moving parts?
Flush fittings
What characteristics of an aircraft are directly dependent upon its weight and balance condition?
What technical manual covers weight and balance?
NAVAIR 01-1B-50
What is the standard method used by the Navy for weighing aircraft?
Mobile Electronic Weighing System (MEWS)
What are the four types of aircraft slings?
Wire rope, fabric or webbing, structural steel or aluminum, and chain
What is the most common type of aircraft lifting sling used today?
Wire rope
What types of slings do not contain flexible components?
Structural steel
What are the two types of hydraulic aircraft jacks used by the Navy?
Axle and tripod
Aircraft jacks are services with what type of fluid?
Standard authorized aircraft hydraulic fluid
What type of jack is used for changing aircraft tires?
How many principal structural units are there in a fixed-wing aircraft?
On a semimonocoque fuselage, what component absorbs the primary bending loads?
What aircraft structure is designed to transmit engine loads, stresses, and vibrations to the aircraft structure?
What type of stress is produces by two forces pulling in opposite direction along the same straight line?
What force is the opposite of tension?
What type of stress is a combination of tension and compression?
What is the most widely used metal in modern aircraft construction?
Aluminum alloy
What is the world's lightest structural metal?
At what temperature does transparent plastic become soft and pliable?
225 degrees F
At what temperature does aluminum alloy become a liquid form?
1110 degrees F
What term is defined as the eating away or pitting of the surface or the internal structure of a metal?
What property allows two metals to be welded, brazed, or soldered?
What measurement must be taken to determine the Brinell number of a metal?
The diameter of the impression
How does a Rockwell tester measure the hardness of a metal?
Measures the depth pf the impression
The Riehle tester is designed for making tests comparable to what bench type machine?
Rochwell tester
What type of plastic will soften when heated and harden when cooled?
What type of plastic will harden when it is heated?
Plastic sheets should be stored in a bin and must be tilted at least how many degrees form vertical?
10 degrees
Solid rivets are classifies according to what three factors?
Size, Material, and head shape
A rivet with the code number MS20426 has what type of rivet head?
What code identifies a rivet with a plain head marking?
What manual should you first consult when replacing an aircraft wire?
Maintenance instruction manual (MIM)
What type of terminal is generally recommended for sue on naval aircraft?
Solderless crimped-type
What device is used on naval aircraft to allow the continuous satisfactory operation of onboard electrical equipment?
Static discharger
What are the two most commonly used types of torque wrenches?
Dial indicating type and the setting or click type
What manual provides torquing information or a large variety of nuts, bolts, and screws used in aircraft construction?
NAVAIR 01-1A-8
What is the purpose of a cotter pin?
To secure bolts, nuts, screws, and pins
How many different methods are sued to secure a turnbuckle?
How many pieces of safety wire are sued to secure a turnbuckle using the wire-wrapping method?
A soft-faced hammer is known by what name?
When rivets are too long for repair, they can be sized to the correct length with which tool?
Rotary rivet cutter
What must be used to form a bucktail on a rivet?
Bucking bar
What is the most commonly used layout fluid?
Bluing fluid
When laying out aluminum or magnesium, when is the only time you should use a scriber?
Indicating where the metal is to be cut or drilled
The amount of material consumed in the bending process is known by what term?
Bend allowance
After cleaning the damaged area of an aircraft, what is the next step in the repair process?
Inspect for secondary damage
What kind of damage can turn into permanent damage if not properly treated?
Corrosion damage
Damage caused by tools, bolts, rivets, and nuts left adrift is known as what type of damage?
Foreign object damage
The self-sealing fuel cells now in naval service are made up of what total number of primary layers of material?
what is the main advantage of bladder-type fuel cell over a self-sealing fuel cell?
Less total weight
when applying the nylon barrier of a rubber-type bladder fuel cell, what method of application should be used?
Brush, swab, or spray
What are cracks and small surface fissures in transparent plastic material called?
What should you use to clean excessive masking paper adhesives residue from plastic?
Aliphatic naphtha
What is normally used to measure scratches on plastic material?
Optical micrometer
What type of dust and particles are conductors, can cause shorts in electrical equipment, and contaminate hydraulic systems?
When making bonded repairs, what material present health and fire hazards to personnel?
What types of composite material particles and dust cannot be disposed of by burning and must be packaged, tagged, and buried in an approved landfill?
Carbon and graphite fibers
What is the primary objective of any paint finish?
Protection of exposed surfaces against corrosion and deterioration
How can you identify the paint system of an aircraft?
A decal or stencil located on the right side of the aircraft's aft fuselage
By what means should chemical or mechanical paint removal be accomplished?
The mildest means possible
Basic sealants are classified in how many general categories?
Three(3), pliable, drying, and curing
What is used to apply Class B sealing materials?
An extrusion gun and spatula
According to the NA-01-1A-16-1 and NA-01-1A-16-2, who can perform NDI inspections?
Certified personnel only
What type of examination must a candidate receive before being selected as an NDI inspector annually thereafter?
Eye exam
if a technician is currently certified and engaged in NDI, what is the minimum amount of experience required in order for this technician to train and certify NDI operators?
3 years
What facilities conduct welding training and testing?
Naval Aviation Depot (NADEP)
What is the recertification interval for IMA-level aeronautical equipment welders if proficiency is maintained?
3 years
If you fail the first test weld(s), what amount of time do you have to submit the retest welds after notification of failure?
What is the only metals that cannot be hardened by heat-treatment?
Pure metal
Uneven heating of metal often causes what action(s) to occur?
Distortion and cracking
The slow heating of metal ensures what condition?
Aircraft wheels are made from what two materials?
Aluminum or magnesium alloy
What are the two general types of wheels used on naval aircraft?
Divided and demountable flange
On a demountable flange wheel, what holds the flange in place?
A lockring
What part of the tire gives it tensil strength, resistance to internal pressure, and the ability to maintain its shape?
The cord body
What is the most common tread pattern design used on naval aircraft tires?
Ribbed pattern
What term refers to a tire's maximum recommended load for a specific type of service?
Ply rating
A type 111 tire is used with what type of tube?
Type 111
Redial vent ridges molded on the surface are found on what type(s) of inner tubes?
Type 111 and type v11
To prevent sticking, used tubes should be dusted with what substance?
What is the primary use for MIL-PRF-46170D hydraulic fluid?
Preservative hydraulic fluid
What is the temperature range of MIL-PRF-83282C hydraulic fluid?
-40 degrees F to +275 degrees F
Where do you annotate that you have mixed hydraulic fluid in a particular aircraft?
Aircraft logbook
What is the maximum acceptable Navy standard Class hydraulic fluid particulate for naval aircraft?
Navy Standard Class 5
What manuals specify how aircraft hydraulic fluid sampling is conducted?
Applicable MIMs or MRCs
What are the four approved lubricants to be used on O-rings seals?
MIL-PRF-5606H, MIL-PRF-83282C, MIL-PRF-46170D, and MIL-PRF-81322F
What type of contamination is most often found in aircraft hydraulic systems?
What unit of measurement is used for particulate matter?
Oxidation of hydraulic fluid can produce what type of contaminants?
Organic solid
What two factors determine if a sampling point is adequate?
Mechanical features and point's location in the system
The internal porting of the sample point should not impede the passage of particulate matter up to what size?
500 microns
What is the primary contamination measurement method used at all levels of maintenance?
Portable oil diagnostic system
When is the best time to take a hydraulic fluid sample?
Immediately after and before shut down
Before taking a hydraulic fluid sample from a hydraulic test stand, you must recirculate the fluid for how long?
5 minutes
An aircraft's hydraulic systems should be operated a minimum of how many complete cycles while undergoing recirculation cleaning?
15 cycles
Hydraulic test stands used for system flushing must be equipped with 3-micron absolute filters and have an internal reservoir that holds how many gallons?
16 gallons
Whenever possible, purging operations should be accomplished at what activity?
NADEP(Naval Aviation Depot)
What component is used to provide a means of quickly disconnecting a line without the loss of hydraulic fluid?
Quick-disconnect coupling
When the quick-disconnect coupling is disconnected, what component prevents the loss of fluid and entrance of air?
Valve-closing spring
A hydraulic seal that is used between two stationary items is referred to by what name?
A gasket
What three factors contribute to fluid loss in a hydraulic system?
Leakage, poor system maintenance, and malfunction
What are the three types of hydraulic SE used in the Navy?
Portable, fluid dispensing, and stationary
What size filter does the H-2501 hydraulic servicing unit use?
3-micron absolute
Where is the nonbypass filter installed on a support equipment unit used to test or service an aircraft hydraulic system?
Upstream of the major fluid discharge port
What can be used in place of an approved metal closure to protect fittings on a hydraulic test stand?
Clean, adequately secure polyethylene bag
What is the purpose of air bleeding a piece of hydraulic support equipment?
It allows entrapped air to escape from a closed hydraulic system
What are two basic types of hoses used in military aircraft and related equipment?
Synthetic rubber and Teflon
What material is used to cover a Teflon hose?
Braided stainless steel wire
How is a synthetic rubber hose identified?
Indicator stripe and markings stenciled along the length of the hose
How are rigid tubing assemblies sized?
Outside diameter and wall thickness
what type of tubing is used in a high-pressure hydraulic system that has 3000 psi or above?
Corrosion-resistant steel (CRES)
What type of tubing is used for general-purpose lines?
Aluminum alloy
What unit transforms hydraulic fluid pressure into mechanical force, which performs work by moving some mechanism?
An actuating unit
Aircraft actuating cylinders are used when which of the following mechanism movements are required?
Linear or mechanical motion
If hydraulic pressure is used to move a single-acting actuating cylinder in only one direction, what force is used to move it in the opposite direction?
Spring tension
What type of motor converts hydraulic pressure into rotary mechanical motion?
A hydraulic motor
Hydraulic motors are commonly used to operate what aircraft equipment?
Radar and wing flaps
To relieve pressure created by thermal expansion of the fluid, a system that has a balance poppet-type selector valve must also incorporate what other type of valve?
A thermal relief valve
The poppets of a poppet-type selector valve are actuated by what means?
The cams on the camshaft
When all four of the poppets of a poppets-type selector valve are held firmly seated by the springs and there is no fluid flow, the valve is in what position?
A system that combines the use of hydraulics and pneumatics is known by what term?
Hydraulic flight control system design specifications require what total number of separate systems for operation of the primary flight controls?
What type of hydraulic system has fluid flow but no pressure in the system what the actuating mechanism are idle?
Open-center system
There are a total of how many classes of hydraulic reservoirs?
The fluid quantity of a nonpressurized reservoir is indicated by a float and arm liquidometer. the liquidometer is operated by what means?
Mechanically operated
In an air-pressurized reservoir, the fluid quantity is indicated by what means?
The distance the piston rod protrudes from the reservoir end cap
A landing gear system is operated and controlled by what means?
Hydraulically operated and electrically controlled
What does a typical fixed-wing aircraft landing gear configuration consist of?
Two main landing gears and one steerable nose landing gear
In what direction does the nose landing gear of a fixed-wing aircraft retract?
Either forward or rearward into the fuselage
During normal operation, what component disengages the down lock, allowing the nose landing gear cylinder to raise the nose gear?
The down lock cylinder
During normal operation, what component closes the nose landing hear doors?
Mechanical linkage
What is indicated in the pilot's position indicator when the landing gear is in transition from gear down to gear up?
Barber poles
What component is used to hold the doors of a landing gear system in the closed position?
What are the principal components of a latch mechanism?
hydraulic latch cylinder, latch hook, spring-loaded linkage, and a sector
What component provides a main gear up-and-locked indication on the pilot's cockpit indicators?
Up lock switch
All drop checks should be performed in accordance with what manual?
The applicable maintenance instruction manual (MIM)
What is the first step in performing a drop check?
Place the aircraft on jacks
What is the maximum pressure required to retract and lock a landing gear during a drop check?
1800 psi at 4 gallons per minute (gpm)
What type of brake system has its own reservoir and is entirely independent of the aircraft's main hydraulic system?
Independent type
The main system pressure in a power boost brake system is used for what function?
Used only to assist pedal movement
Because of what weight and size, what type of brake system is used on aircraft requiring a large volume of fluid to operate the brakes?
Power brake control valve system
What type of disc brakes are usually installed on medium-sized aircraft?
Multiple or trimetallic disc brakes
On disc brake assemblies, brake linings are often referred to by what name?
When are operational checks on disc brakes usually performed?
when the aircraft is being taxied
What type of brake system uses utility or main hydraulic system pressure from the aircraft, which allows for higher brake line pressure?
Power brake system
What power source should be removed from the aircraft prior to operationally checking the emergency braking system?
external hydraulic and electrical power
During the operational check of the braking system, the antiskid light will illuminate when the antiskid switch is placed in what position?
After a brake reservoir has been cleaned and cure-date parts have been installed, how many minutes should the reservoir be submerged in a tank of water to check for leaks?
2 minutes
What substance should all internal parts of the power brake valve be immersed in before reassemble?
Filtered, clean hydraulic fluid
How much hydraulic test stand pressure is required to perform an operational test on a power brake valve?
0 to 4500 psi
As brake disc wear occurs, what components provide automatic adjustment through the split collar?
Adjusting pins
What fastens the wheel brake disc guide linings to the disc guide?
How long should you hold the brake pressure when testing for fluid leakage and proper operation on the dual disc brake assembly?
2 minutes
When the electrically controlled nosewheel steering system is NOT engaged, what benefit does it provide?
Automatic nose gear shimmy dampening
the nosewheel steering system provides directional control of the aircraft during ground operations in how many modes of operation?
How is the nosewheel steering system armed or activated during shipboard operations?
Automatically, by switch actuated by the arresting hook
How many different types of arresting hooks are currently used on naval aircraft?
Aircraft with a type 11 hook assembly installed requires an inspection of the arresting hook stinger and centering block after how many recorded arrestments?
What two centering devices prevent side movement of the arresting gear mechanism during carrier- arresting approaches?
Centering cylinder and centering block
What system eliminates the necessity for flight deck personnel to manually connect an aircraft to the ship's catapult harnesses?
Nose landing gear catapult launch system
What components are included in the catapulting launch system?
Catapult launch bar assembly, a launch bar drive link, launch bar power
What device hydraulically extends the launch bar assembly to engage the catapult?
Launch bar power unit
What are the two differences between the in-flight refueling system and the ground refueling system?
Cockpit PROBE control switch and the retractable in-flight refueling probe
What component is deenergized, stopping the refueling probe extension once the probe actuating cylinder is fully retracted?
Directional control valve
What component is installed in the wing fold system to maintain 240 psi on the unlock ports of the beam wing lock cylinders to prevent piston creepage?
wing fold residual pressure valve
Wing lock warning flags rarely get out of adjustment; however, when one fails to retract, what does it indicate?
An indication of failure of all locks to properly enter the lock fittings
In the cargo door ramp system the selector valve must be manually places in what position to prevent continued operation of the ramp when power is restored?
Neutral position
what prevents the cargo center door actuator from extending during the unlocking cycle?
A priority valve
What component holds the ramp center door actuator in the full extension when hydraulic pressure is removed?
An internal ball lock actuator
What hydraulic system provides power to the rotodome rotation system?
Combined hydraulic system
What component in the rotodome rotation system converts 300 psi hydraulic pressure to mechanical motion?
Variable speed hydraulic servomotor
What allows he bomb bay doors to open together in the event one hydraulic system fails?
Main actuating levers
How many positions does the bomb bay door control valve have?
What component in the windshield wiper system controls the speed of the wiper motion?
Speed control valve
What is the full windshield wiper travel at maximum speed?
73 to 77 degrees
What type of flight control provides additional lift during takeoff and landing?
Secondary flight control
What type flight control system is used on high-speed jet aircraft?
Power-boost flight control system
What type of pressure supplies the force necessary to operate the control surface in a full power-operated system?
Hydraulic pressure
On small or low-speed aircraft, cockpit, cockpit flight controls are connected directly to control surfaces by what means?
Cables or pushrods
On high-speed aircraft, what components air the pilot in moving the flight control surface?
Hydraulic actuators
In an elevator system, what component ports hydraulic pressure to the power cylinder?
Control valves
What must be done to a flight control hydraulic component when it is found to be contaminated?
Must be removed and replaced
When an aircraft has a discrepancy with a flight controls system, when is the aircraft released for further flights?
When the discrepancy has been determined and corrected
Maintenance of the primary flight control power actuator is generally beyond the capability of what maintenance level?
Organizational-level maintenace
How many control cables are there in a simple cable system?
Other than periodic inspections, what else must be done to a control cable?
Kept clean
What is the maximum number of broken wires allowed in a 1-inch length of a 7 x 19 cable?
What component of the wing flap system shifts rotary motion to linear motion?
Flap actuator
What is the purpose of the relief valve located in the pressure line ahead of the flap normal system selector valve?
Relieves pressure from thermal expansion
In a leading/trailing edge flap system, what is the full-down deflection of the trailing edge flap?
60 +1, -2 degrees
What tool is used for removing the piano hinge wire of a flight control surface?
A hand drill
What is the first step the person in charge must perform before installing a new wing assembly?
Check the identification tag to make sure it is the correct replacement unit
Many of the general precautions listed under the removal and installation of what component apply to the removal and replacement of a stabilizer?
Wing assembly
What is used to control the altitude of an aircraft an alignment check?
How are flight control surfaces balanced at the time of manufacture?
By adding weights to the inside of the leading edge of the control surface
What must be accomplished prior to performing an alignment check on an aircraft?
Level the aircraft both laterally and longitudinally
What produces the lift required for helicopter flight?
Rotor blades
When the camber is the same on both surfaces of an airfoil and results in a fixed center of pressure, what term describes the helicopter airfoil?
What determines the amount of lift generated by a helicopter's rotor?
When the lift of a rotor is proportional to the square of the length of the rotor blades
What is the most common type of helicopter?
Single main rotor with vertical or near vertical tail rotor
What feature provides the single rotor configuration with excellent directional control?
Vertical tail rotor
What pitch control system provides lateral helicopter movement?
Cyclic pitch control system
What pitch control system provides vertical helicopter movement?
Collective pitch control system
What does the rotary rudder system control?
Directional heading
A flight test is required after a helicopter has been rigged
Proper blade tracking does not prevent vibrations
What assembly is comparable to a single disc wheel brake in its design and operation?
Rotor brake assembly