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Wordly Wise Words


rushing to do something without thinking about it, doing things quickly/ hasty, rushing wildly with great force


having a bad reputation, famous for wrong doing, wicked,
INFAMY - a very bad reputation, disgrace, a wicked act, great wickedness


feeling things strong or deeply, very strong or deep


verb: to make up one's mind, to decide, to make clear or explain, to settle
noun: a fixed purpose, a firm intention


noun: a greasy ointment to soothe or heal burns, sores, etc. anything that helps heal or reduce pain
verb: to make better or more comfortable, to soothe


noun: a feeling of strong dislike, disrespect, contempt
verb: to have such a feeling, to reject because one feels contempt for


calm and peaceful, untroubled


to take by surprise, to frighten suddenly


noun: a piece of work to be done, a job, saying - " TAKE TO TASK"
verb: to speak harshly to, to scold


noun: a very small a amount, a mark or sign left by someone or something
verb: to follow the course of, to find, to locate, to copy a drawing or plan by following its lines through thin paper


anything hollow that is used for holding something, a container, a ship or boat
BLOOD VESSEL - a vein or artery through which blood flows in the body


verb: to give up, surrender, to give way, to produce
noun: the amount produced

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