Midterm Exam #2

As the complexity of a network increases, the possibility of security breaches decreases.
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A company's risk assessment process can consider numerous threats to the computers and networks. Which of the following should an organization identify as loss events or threats to assess?
a. all of the above
b. distributed denial-of-service attack
c. email attachment with harmful worm
d. harmful virus
Anonymous remailers both help protect freedom of speech by keeping communications anonymous and prevent people from using email for illegal or unethical purposes.falseIf an activity is defined as legal then it is ethical.falseSome non-health-care companies offer health and wellness programs that require employee participants to share personal data. They are required to employ standardized electronic transactions, codes, and identifiers under HIPAA regulations.falseAmy is doing some online research for a term paper. She'd like to access some information on a particular Web site, but the Web site is asking her to put in her email address before allowing her to view the information. She wonders what the Web site owner will do with that information, but there is no way for her to know how data collected via a Web site will be used.falseIt's safe for you to input personal data into your Facebook profile because Facebook is not allowed to share this information with law enforcement officials or third parties for any reason.falseThe American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Title XIII helped establish the National Fraud Alert system to help prevent identity theft.falseIf you use Google, the NSA can access your search history data without obtaining a court order.trueGraydon noticed Jack, his friend and classmate, cheating on a physics exam and now he is trying to decide what to do about it. He knows he could keep quiet about it, but that would violate his moral values, plus the school's code of ethics requires students to report incidents of cheating. On the other hand, if he reports the incident, both his friend and probably all of their other friends will be mad at him. In which phase of the ethical decision-making process is Graydon?choosing an alernativeWhich of the following legislation protects Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking organizations from defamation suits in connection with posts made by their users?Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA)How do fair information practices in the United States and the European Union differ?unlike the EU, the U.S. has no single, overarching national data privacy policyBusiness analytics can be used only for forecasting future business results.falseThe data for BI (business intelligence) comes from many sources.trueFor an organization to get real value from its BI and analytics efforts, it must have a solid data management program.trueData governance involves identifying people who are responsible for fixing and preventing issues with data.trueData mining is used to explore large amounts of data, looking for hidden patterns that can be used to predict future trends and behaviors.trueUsers still need help from the IT function of the organization to create customer reports using modern reporting tools.falseA conversion funnel is a visual depiction of a set of words that have been grouped together because of the frequency of their occurrence.falseWhich of the following is NOT a component required for effective BI and analytics? a. process for obtaining data, certifying it is fit for use, and storing it securely b. well-maintained NoSQL databases c. adequately accessible, reliable, and timely data d. solid data governanceb. well-maintained NoSQL databasesWhich of these analysis methods describes neural computing? a. a specialized set of algorithms sorts through data and forms statistical rules about relationships among the items b. historical if-then-else cases are used to recognize patterns c. historical data is examined for patterns that are then used to make predications d. a mathematical procedure predicts the value of a dependent variable based on a single independent variablec. historical data is examined for patterns that are then used to make predicationsSuppose you have access to quantitative data on populations by ZIP code and crime rates. You wish to determine if there is a relationship between the two variables and display the results in a graph. Which BI tool will be most useful?data visualization toolTransaction processing systems (TPSs) provide valuable input to management information systems, decision support systems, and knowledge management systems.trueWith an online transaction processing (OLTP) system, multiple transactions are accumulated over a period of time and prepared for processing in a large batch of similar transactions.falseSmall- and medium-sized organizations do not employ enterprise systems.falseIf an organization is using several separate systems, they can be replaced with a single integrated set of applications for the entire enterprise.trueEnterprise systems use multiple databases aimed at different business units.falseThe bill of materials (BOM) serves as a recipe of ingredients needed to make each item an organization manufactures.trueA customer relationship management (CRM) system helps a company to plan, execute, and control all the activities involved in raw material sourcing and procurement, conversion of raw materials to finished products, and the warehousing and delivery of finished product to customers.falseA designer would use computer aided manufacturing (CAM) to create, analyze, and modify the design of a component.falseOrganizations frequently need to customize a vendor's enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to integrate other business systems.trueThe ability to capture and analyze all customer interactions, generate appropriate responses, and gather data to create and build effective and efficient marketing campaigns is known as contact management.false