The Boarded Window

what year did the story take place?
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what was special about the window?it was boardedwhat was the man's name?murlockdescribe murlocklong white hair, full beard, gray eyes, tallhow old did murlock look and how old did he actually look?looked 70, was fiftywhere did the narrator learn this from?his grandfatherwhere was murlock found one morning?in his cabin, deadhow did murlock die?natural causeswhere was his body buried?near the cabin by his wifewhat happened to his wife?died long before he didhow near to the cabin did the narrator get?close enough to throw a stonewhy did the narrator run away?to avoid the ghost that haunted the placewhat was murlock's means of support?his riflewhat was murlock doing before he found his ill wife?hunting in the forest?what day did murlock's wife die?threewhat happened when murlock prepared the body?did things wrong; things he did right he did multiple timeshow did he feel about his wife's death?didn't weapwhat did he hear?a long cry of a lost child in the woodswhat was by the dead when murlock woke from resting by the table?a black darknesswhat sounds were inside?bare feet upon the floorwhat was hurled against the table?some heavy bodywhat did he do once he regained himself?shot his riflewhat did he see dragging his dead wife?a pantherwear were the panther's teeth?in her throatwhere did the body lay after the attack?near the windowdescribe the clothing after the attackderanged, hair in disorder, limbs lay anyhow, throat lacerated, blood that had not coagulatedwhere did he tie a ribbon?around her wristdescribe her handstightly clenchedwhat was between her teeth?a fragment of the animal's ear