Epithelial & Connective Tissue Review for Test

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What is histology?Study of tissuesMucous that protects your stomach lining is secreted by which type of epithelial cell?Pseudostratified epitheliumEpithelial tissues have all of the following properties EXCEPT __________________.poor regenerationPseudostratified tissue has a distinctive appearance becausethey look like many layers but it is just one/single layer.lining of the esophaguspseudostratified ciliated columnarlining of the stomachsimple columnaralveolar sacs of lungssimple squamoustubules of the kidneysimple cuboidalepidermis of the skinstratified squamouslining of bladdertransitionalwall of capillariessimple squamousare less active, mature phases of a cellCytesWhich cells are found in fat?Adipocytesmakes up the external ear.elastic cartilageskin is made up ofDense Irregular connective tissue.We can find________________ between our vertebrae.FibrocartilageTendons and ligaments are made up ofDense regular tissues.is the non-cellular, non-living part of a tissue that is vital to its structure and function.ExtraCellular Matrix(ECM)is a protein which is able to stretch and recoil like a rubberband.ElastinThin, delicate and collagen fibers are also calledReticular fibers.transports nutrients, gasses, wastes, and immune cells.Blood/lymphBone tissues are also calledosteoblast/cytesLigaments connect the _______to ______at joints.bone to boneis the weakest cartilageHyalineLong bones are also calledCompact bonesGround substance is found as _________ in fat.GelatinousDefine Collagen fibers.Long, straight, and tough fibers.Which is the strongest cartilage?Fibrocartilageis a shapeless material consisting mainly of water, dissolved ions, and large organic molecules.Ground substanceName the 3 main components of the connective tissue.Cells, fibers, and ground substance.Elastic fibers are made out ofelastinName the 2 types of bones found in the human body.Compact bone and Spongy boneGround substance is found _________ in cartilage.rubberyWhich type of tissue makes up the vocal cords?Elastic Connective tissue