Fundamentals of Journalism Exam

Six Elements of News
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Secondary SourcesPerson or expert that provides more info and context for the primary source. (Ex: In class when we did the profile we need quotes about the person we were doing the profile on from someone else. / If a story is about a football player, one might interview his coach as a secondary source.)1. Seek truth and report it 2. Minimize harm 3. Act Independently 4. Be accountable/ transparentWhat are the methods journalists use to seek the truth?1. Provide Provide the public with the information they need about the world around them 2. To bear witness 3. Serve as a watchdog over those in power 4. Give context to current eventsWhat is the purpose of journalism?1. UVA shooting: 3 Football players were shot and killed at UVA 2. Wakanda Forever release topping box office rating passing movies like Black Adam and Top Gun: Maverick) 3. Midterm elections (Republicans closer to taking control of the house than Democrats and Democrats have the Senate) 4. Dallas airshow collision, 6 people killed) 5. Grammy Nominations 6. The Philadelphia Eagles lost first game of season against Washington Commanders 7. The World Cup start Nov 20 8. Dave Chappelle switch provided a fake monologue and SNL rehearsal and gave another that was antisemitic.Top News stories for the week