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Legislative Branch

part of the government that makes laws- (headed by Congress)

Supreme Court

highest court of the United States (Has nine Judges called Justices)


a written plan of government


way of life followed by a group of people


building at which the United States Congress meets


change to the Constitution

Judicial Branch

part of the government that interprets laws (Headed by the Supreme Court)


form of government in which citizens have a right to take part


panel of citizens who make decisions in a court of law


form of government in which leaders are elected to represent the voters


to make decisions for

Executive Branch

part of the government that enforces laws (headed by the President)


system of government in which national and state government share power


rules that people follow and the people that run the country

Bill of Rights

first ten amendments to the U. S. Constitution


a paper or booklet that gives a person permission to travel to other countries

White House

the place where the President of the United States lives and works


money the government collects to pay for its services


a person who comes to live in a new land


an official member of a country

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