Brain Functions Review

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Cerebrumresponsible for all reasoning, planning, memory, and sensory processing. All conscious thought originates here.Motor Cortexresponsible for the voluntary control of your skeletal muscles, the muscles we can move and controlFrontal lobesresponsible for many roles in behaviors and personality, such as planning, initiated movements, social and emotional processing and attention, as well as roles in memory retrieval and storage.Brain stemThe point where the spinal cord connects to the brain. The brain stem takes in, sends out, and coordinates all the brain's messages. It controls the body's vital functions (i.e. heartbeat, digestion, breathing...)Temporal loberesponsible for processing smell and sound, as well as, the ability to recognize and understand words and language. Also involved in visual memory.Parietal loberesponsible for sensing touch, spatial processing, language, and memory