Chapter 12

Clients Who have their hair color usually visit the salon every_______ weeks.
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When the cuticle is slightly raised and the hair is normal and processes in an average amount of time, their hair would be said to have______Average porosityWhen the cuticle is lifted in the hair is overly porous and takes color quickly, the hair would be said to have_____High porosityTo test for porosity, take several stands from four different areas of the head... The front line, the temple, the crown and the___NapeWhat type of melanin gives black and brown color to the hair?EumelaninWhat type of melanin gives blond and red colors to the hair?PheomelaninContributing pigment, also known as _____, is the varying degrees of warmth exposed during a permanent color or lightening process.UndertoneWhat unit of measurement identifies The lightness or darkness of the color, or the saturation, density or concentration of color?LevelThe system used by colorists To analyze the lightness or darkness of a hair color is - - -The level systemThe darkest hair colors in the level system are identified as being a level:1-10What is one of the most valuable tools for identifying the natural level in the hair?Color wheel_____ is described as a property of objects that depends on the light they reflect and is perceived (by the human eye) ass red, yellow, blue or other shadesColorThe system used for understanding color relationships is the - - -Law of colorFundamental or pure colors that cannot be achieved from a mixture or known as...Primary colorsColors with a predominance of blue - - - colors, whereas colors with a predominance of red and or yellow or - - - colorsCool;warmThe primary color that brings depth or darkness to any color is - - -BlueWhen all three primary colors are present and equal proportions, the resulting color isBlackA color obtained by mixing equal parts of two primary colors is a - - -Secondary colorA color achieved by mixing equal parts of a second dairy color in its neighboring primary color on the color wheel is a - - -Teritiary colorPrimary and secondary colors that are position opposite of each other on the color wheel areComplementary colorsThe hue or balance of a color scene and the hair is referred to hasToneTones can be described as cool , warm orNeutral_____ Tones reflect more light, therefore, they look lighter than their actual level.Warm____ tones absorb more light, therefore they look deeper than their actual colorCool____ refers to strength of the colorIntensityWhat term describes the predominant tone of a colorBaseEach color is identified by a number and a letter with a number indicating the level in the letter indicating the - - -ToneNeutral base colors are often used to - - -Cover gray hairNon- oxidative hair color is classified as temporary - - - "traditional"Semi permanentOxidative hair color is classified as Demi permanent (deposit only) and___(Lift and deposit)PermanentAll hair coloring products require a patch test, with the exception of - - -Temporary colorsAs a part of their composition, all permanent hair coloring products and lightners contain both a developer and a - - -Alkalizing ingredientColoring products that have a coding action on the hair in our removed by shampooing are - - -Temporary colorsThe me permanent colors are also known as - - -No lift, deposit only colorsWhat coloring products are regarded as best for covering gray hair?Permanent hair coloringdye precursors that combine with hydrogen peroxide to form larger, permanent dye molecules are called___Aniline derivativesMetallica hair colors are also known asGradual colors- - - Hair colors, also known as vegetable hair colors, such as Henna, or colors obtained from leaves or bark of plantsNaturalHair coloring products that change gradually by progressive buildup an exposure to air contained - - -Metallic salts________ is the most commonly used developer, and an oxidizing agent that, when mixed with an oxidize haircolor, supplies the necessary oxygen gas to develop the color molecules and create a change in the natural hair colorHydrogen peroxideThe concentration and strength of hydrogen peroxide is measured in terms ofVolumeThe standard volume of hydrogen peroxide used to achieve the most results with permanent hair color is20 volumeChemical compounds that lighten hair by dispersing, dissolving, and decolorizing the natural pigment are:Hair lightnersWhat is the process by which oxygen is released with the cortex of the hair shaft?OxidizationThe process in which the hair is pre-lightened and then toned is known as _____.Double process applicationDuring the process of decolorising, natural hair can go through as many as?10 stagesDe colorizing the hairs natural pigment allows the colorist to create the exact degree of?Contributing pigmentWhat hair coloring product is used primarily on pre-lightened hair to achieve pale in delicate colors.TonersWhen is the most critical part of a color service?Hair coloring consultationClients with hair in questionable condition who request chemical services should be required to sign a - - -Release statementWhen applying color using the brush and bowl method, the mixing bowl should beNonmetallicBefore performing a color service with aniline derivative product, the client must have - - -Patch testThe U.S. Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act prescribes that a predisposition test be given:24 to 48 hours prior to applicationWhat process lightens hair and deposits color in one applicationSingle process hair coloringExample of single process permanent coloring applications are virgin color applications and - - -Color retouch applicationA____ Application refers to the first time the hair is coloredVirginWhat is a non-ammonia color that adds shine and tone to the hairGlazeYou should never apply hair color to a client if the scalp has any obvious signs ofAbrasionOverlapping hair color on previous tinted hair can cause breakage and create a visible line ofDemarcationWhat is the first step to the double process hair coloringPre-lightningLighteners that have a thicker consistency and give more control during scalp application are known as?Cream lightenersPowder pre-sulfate salt added to hair color to increase its lightning ability areActivatorsPowdered off the scalp lighteners contain pre-sulfate salt four - - - and stronger lightningQuickerThe part of the hair shaft between the scalp and the hair has been previous colored is known asNew growthThe coloring technique that involves coloring some strands of hair lighter than the natural color is:HighlightingThe technique of coloring strands of hair darker than its natural hair color isLow lightingIn the weaving foiling technique, selected strands are picked up from a narrow section of the hair within aZigzag motionThe technique using a free form painting of hair lightner directly onto clean, styled hair isBalayageThe process of treating gray or very resistant hair to allow for a better penetration of color is known asPre-softeningA patch test is generally conducted behind the ear orInside the elbowWhen applying color for a single process retouch application, the color should be applied to the new growth using1/4 in partings