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Article 1

Legislative Branch

Article 2

Executive Branch

Article 3

Judicial Branch

Article 4

set up cooperation among states

Article 5

set up a way to change Constitution

Article 6

says Constitution is the highest law

Article 7

said Constitution would be approved

Amendment 1

freedom of religion, press, assembly and appeal to the government

Amendment 2

freedom to bear arms

Amendment 3

freedom to not have Government force soldiers into your home in times of peace

Amendment 4

right to privacy: unreasonable searches and seizure

Amendment 5

right to not be tried twice for the same crime (double jeopardy)

Amendment 6

right to a speedy trial by jury, with an attorney

Amendment 7

(civil lawsuits) right to, in a lawsuit that the amount is over $20, request a trial by jury

Amendment 8

right to not be given a cruel or unusual punishment

Amendment 9

right to have rights

Amendment 10

right of the state, to have the power to make decisions

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