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Jesus' ascension in the clouds refers to what Messianic OT expectation?
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In Romans 1:18-32, Paul argues that everyone has knowledge of God from creation. What is Paul arguing based on this?That all humanity has rejected that knowledge and is without excuseWhat does being "dead to sin" mean in Romans 6?believers are freed from the authority of sin.How many letters were likely exchanged between Paul and the churches at Corinth?5(T/F) Paul's letter to the Galatians doesn't have his typical introduction; instead he begins with a strong rebukeTrueWhich custom did NOT separate Jewish people from Gentiles.drinking alcoholTo the Christian who lives life in dependence on the Spirit, what will be true?the life of Jesus will live through them and empower them(T/F) Experiencing the fruits of the Spirit is automatic for ChristiansFalseHow many prayers are found in Ephesians 1-3?2What behavior does a godly husband seek to enact which also characterizes Jesus' role with the Church?LoveWhat behavior does a godly wife seek to enact which is also supposed to characterize the church to Jesus?RespectOne of Paul's points in the central poem of Philippians 2:5-11 is that...Jesus is God(T/F) According to the Bible Project narrator, Paul viewed his life as a reenactment of the story of Jesus.True(T/F) Paul planted the church in Colossae.False(T/F) Paul's preaching about Jesus as King in 1 Thessalonians was viewed as anti-Caesar.TrueWhat two issues were the Colossians facing?- Jewish believers who pushed for Gentiles to practice the Law - Mystical PolytheismAccording to Galatians, Paul argues that Gentiles are justified by faith in the work of Christ, and Jews are justified by...faith in the work of ChristWhen was the letter to the Galatians most likely written?48-50 ADWhat does it mean to "fulfill" the Law?Love God absolutely; love othersAccording to Ephesians chapter 1, how does an individual get placed "in Christ"?By hearing and believing the gospelAccording to Ephesians chapter 1, who are the elect?All those who are in ChristWhy does Paul write to the churches at Philippi?to thank them for their financial gifts and to exhort them to Gospel living.What was one of the purposes fro the letter to the Romans?to be unified and not dividedWhat does "righteousness" NOT mean?to be always shining with brilliant gloryWhat is Paul's verdict for Jewish people in comparison to Gentiles?Jewish people are more guilty because of the benefits from God which they spurnedWhat does justification mean?To be declared righteousWhat is the single role which Paul says humans need to do in order to be justified?to exercise faithT/F When a person puts their faith in Jesus, what is true of Jesus becomes true of that person.TrueT/F Paul's argument about the Mosaic Law is that it was bad and caused sin.FalseWhat is one of the purposes of the Holy Spirit according to Paul?To empower us to fulfill the law; love God and love our neighborRomans 9-11 deals with what topic?How does Jesus' work fulfill God's promises to Israel?What were the issues that the Jewish Christians and the Gentile Christians were arguing about?Food laws SabbathWhy did Paul write this first letter to the Corinthians?He heard about the many problems the church hadT/F In regard to the issue of whether it is right to eat pagan idol meat, Paul states that it depends on the situation.TrueFor the narrator, Paul's answer to each of these issues is what?To explain how the gospel applies to each scenarioT/F 2 Corinthians is Paul's second letter to the church at CorinthFalseWhat does a 'cruciform' way of life look like?it imitates Jesus' self-giving love of sacrifice on the crossHow is a person justified before God according to Paul?by faith in the work of Jesus on the cross and his resurrectionTo the Christian who lives life in dependence on the Spirit ..the life of Jesus will dwell in them and empower themT/F Experiencing the fruit of the Spirit is automatic for true ChristiansFalseAccording to the narrator, who has God chosen to bless?the covenant family built on AbrahamWhat characterized the city of Philippi?It was inhabited by retired military personnel and was very patriotic to Rome.For Paul, what is considered a sacrifice for him?To live longer and minister to the PhilippiansT/F Paul writes to the Colossians from Jerusalem where he is in between mission tripsFalseT/F 1 Thessalonians is possible the first letter from PaulTrueT/F Paul's preaching about Jesus as King was viewed as anti-Caesar.TrueT/F Paul incorporates three prayers in 1 Thessalonians which structure the letter.TrueT/F Suffering for being a Christian is a way to share in the same pattern of victory which Jesus modeled.TrueWhy should the Thessalonian believers not worry that Jesus has already returned?Because the sign of Jesus' return will be clear and obviousWhy should Christians not be lazy and irresponsible?Because God wants us to bless other people through self-givingThe teaching in 1 Timothy of the false teachers involved what points?Don't eat certain foods or get marriedT/F Paul seems to be against women teaching in the church and being theologically educated.FalseThe main problem Paul addresses through 1 Timothy is ...exhortation to confront the false teachers