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  1. combatir
  2. juzgar
  3. aprobar (ue)
  4. ¡Qué va! Eso no es cierto.
  5. ¿Mañana vamos a tener otra prueba en...? ¡Esto es el colmo!
  1. a We're going to have another test in... tomorrow? This is the last straw!
  2. b to pass
  3. c to combat
  4. d No way! That's not true.
  5. e to judge

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  1. social sciences
  2. to take notes
  3. guidance counselor
  4. semester
  5. schedule

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  1. la geografíageometry


  2. A mi parecer, no hay igualdad entre...I don't think it's fair.


  3. la universidadphysics


  4. el esteriotiporespect


  5. la geometríageometry