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marketing exam 3

Any change in the content or organization of long-term memory or behavior is known as _____.
The energizing force that activates behavior and provides purpose and direction to that behavior is known as _____.
A learned predisposition to respond in a consistently favorable or unfavorable manner with respect to a given object is known as a(n) _____.
What term means refers to an outward expression of one's self-concept?
All those factors particular to a time and place that do not follow from knowledge of the stable attributes of the consumer and the stimulus and that have an effect on current behavior are known as _____.
situational influence
A series of activities by which stimuli are perceived, transformed into information, and stored is called _____.
information processing
What term reflects the relatively stable behavioral tendencies that individuals display across a variety of situations
Quaker Oats contains zero milligrams of sodium. This is an example of what type of belief?
feature belief
Which dimension of self-concept refers to the individual's perception of who I am now?
actual self concept
_____ is the total accumulation of prior learning experiences.
Sharon has to purchase a gift for her mother and only has this afternoon to do so because her birthday party is that evening. She's wondering how she will be able get to the mall in time to pick out the perfect gift. This is an illustration of which situation characteristic?
temporal perspective
Strong, relatively uncontrollable feelings that affect our behavior are known as _____.
Which component of attitudes consists of a consumer's beliefs about an object?
cognitive components
Which dimension of self-concept refers to the individual's perception of who I would like to be?
ideal self concept
Which component of memory is also referred to as working memory and is that portion of total memory that is currently activated or in use?
short-term memory
Which construct represents an unobservable inner force that stimulates and compels a behavioral response and provides specific direction to that response?
The situation in which consumers receive information has an impact on their behavior and is referred to as the _____ situation.
communication situation
Feelings or emotional reactions to an object reflect the _____ component of an attitude.
Self-concepts have been categorized into two types, which are _____
inner dependent and dependent
Which portion of total memory is devoted to permanent information storage?
long-term memory
In Maslow's hierarchy of needs, food, water, sleep, and to an extent, sex, are considered _____ motives
physiological motives
Why are the SAM and adSAM measures effective across cultures
don't require translation
When orange juice attempted to expand the various times of day when consumers would see orange juice as an appropriate beverage to consume, they were trying to influence which situation?
usage situation
Which type of self-concept emphasizes personal goals, characteristics, achievements, and desires
independent self concept
What term refers to the continual repetition of a piece of information in order to hold it in current memory for use in problem solving or transferal to long-term memory?
maintenance rehearsal
Smoke detectors, preventive medicines, insurance, retirement investments, seat belts, burglar alarms, and sunscreen are all examples of products to satisfy consumers' _____ needs.
Which component of attitude represents one's tendency to respond in a certain manner toward an object or activity?
behavioral component
Which type of self-concept emphasizes family, cultural, professional, and social relationships?
interdependent self concept
The capacity of STM is thought to be in the range of _____ bits of information
Which situation involves consumers disposing of products or product packages after or before product use
Which need in Maslow's hierarchy reflects a desire for love, friendship, affiliation, and group acceptance?
Simply presenting a brand to an individual on a large number of occasions might make the individual's attitude toward the brand more positive is known as _____.
mere exposure
An experience that surpasses the usual level of intensity, meaningfulness, and richness and produces feelings of joy and self-fulfillment is known as a(n) _____.
peak experience
Organizing individual items into groups of related items that can be processed as a single unit is called _____.
In McGuire's classification of motives, which ones focus on the person's need for being adaptively oriented toward the environment and achieving a sense of meaning?
Decor, sounds, aromas, lighting, weather, and configurations of merchandise or other materials surrounding the stimulus object are included in which situational characteristic?
Changing behavior prior to changing affect or cognition is based primarily on _____.
What is the most common measurement approach to measuring self-concept?
Which group of consumers are better able to chunk product information?
____ motives emphasize the individual as striving to maintain equilibrium.
_____ is the first strategy a loyal consumer uses when their favorite brand is attacked with negative information.
The sum of all the physical features of a retail environment is referred to as the _____.
Consumers who place heavy weight on the opinions and feelings of others are called _____.
_____ are(is) the use of previously stored experiences, values, attitudes, beliefs, and feelings to interpret and evaluate information in working memory as well as to add relevant previously stored information.
Which set of motives deals with our need to determine who or what causes the things that happen to us?
A loyal consumer will often use _____ to protect their brand by reducing the importance they put on a given attribute.
Marcie will soon be 50 years old, so to pamper herself, she decided to get a massage. With respect to the typology of service environments, this type of service would be categorized as _____.
Which type of processing involves the recall and mental manipulation of sensory images, including sight, smell, taste, and tactile (touch) sensations?
The tendency of many consumers to discount claims made by sales people and ads is related to the need _____.
_____ consists of trustworthiness and expertise.
Attempts to develop quantitative measures of lifestyle were initially referred to as _____, and is a term that is frequently used interchangeably with lifestyle.
Which type of memory is viewed as an unlimited, permanent storage that can store numerous types of information such as concepts, decision rules, processes, affective (emotional) states, and so forth?
Elizabeth is 15 years old and is asking her parents for more freedom. She wants to make more of the decisions that affect her, such as the clothes she wears, how late she can stay out, and what school she attends. This is an example of Elizabeth's need for _____.
In which type of ad does a person, generally a typical member of the target market, recount his or her successful use of the product, service, or idea?
Rod purchased a Porsche to satisfy himself, not to impress others. He sees this car as a reward for his hard work. To which segment of Porsche owners does Rod belong?
The basic knowledge and feelings an individual has about a concept is known as _____.
Mike is the owner of a restaurant that also has a bar. Based on research that studied the impact of background music on restaurant patrons, what can Mike expect if he uses slow music in his establishment?
A substantial amount of brand switching when the current brand is satisfactory may be explained by the _____ motive.
Tony the Tiger, the Jolly Green Giant, and the Aflac duck are examples of _____.
Which segment of shoppers is primarily motivated by value, not fun and adventure?