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something one does or fails to do that is in violation of the law

What is the most highly committed crime in the U.S?

Drug related crimes

What are some of the possible causes of the high crime rate in America?

Poverty, and stability of a family permissive courts, unemployment, lack of education, alcohol and drugs, inadequate policing, loack of parental guidance, breakdown in morals, rising population, ineffective corrective system, and media.


imprisonment by the state

Community policing

Closer connection between the police and the communities they serve

The National Council on Crime and Delinquency recommended the following strategies for reducing crime...

-Build safer communities with special attention to safe schools, after school programs, community policing, and prevention of domestic violence and child abuse
-Reduce the cost and improve the fairness of the criminal justice system
-Develop cost-effective alternatives to incarceration, reserving prison sentences for those who can not be safely treated in a community-based programs
-Create effective drug-control policies.

What are some of the problems occurring on school campuses?

Bullying, violence, assault, sex offenses, burglaries, auto theft

What is a gang?

people who form groups that are closed to the general public, for common purposes that may or may not include violence

Who joins gangs and why?

Majority of them are males, many cases member's relatives or friends are involved, and live under difficult conditions at home, lack of success in school and have no future

What are some of the ways gang problems can be solved?

operate intervention programs about non gang life, provide greater opportunities, prosecute gang members for illegal activity, organize neighborhood watch

What is the Gun Control Act of 1968?

Prohibits certain people such as convicted felons, minors and illegal immigrants from buying or possessing guns.

How did the Brady Act extend the Gun Control Act of 1968?

Requires the attorney general to create a national system to instantly check the back rounds of people trying to buy guns.

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