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  1. Moses
  2. New Testament
  3. Ramadan
  4. Bishop
  5. Ten Commandments
  1. a principals, laws, and rules that Jewish people have to follow, that were revealed to Moses (by God)
  2. b 9th month of the Islamic calendar. Cant eat or drink while the sun is up.
  3. c high ranking Church official with authority over a local area, or diocese.
  4. d the part of the Bible that the Jewish people do not believe. This includes Jesus; life on earth and His resurrection and crucifixion.
  5. e religious leader, lawgiver and prophet. Most important prohet in the Jewish religion. Also considered an important prophet in Christianity and Islam.

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  1. dynasty that ruled in Bagdad from 750-1258
  2. successor to Muhammad as political and religious leader of the Muslims
  3. founder of Islam
  4. 1. Declare your faith
    2. Pray 5 times a day
    3. Charity
    4. Must fast during Ramadan
    5. Hajj (if you are financially and physically able)
  5. period of time where the Jews of the ancient Kingdom of Judah were captives in Babylon. (c. 568-538 BCE)

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  1. Messiahthe One who was believed to have been the son of God.


  2. Covenanta binding agreement; specifically in the Jewish tradition, that God made with Abraham


  3. Clergyreligious belief that is contrary to the official teachings of a church


  4. Umayyadsfounder of Islam


  5. MedinaMuhammad's birthplace