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  1. Jesus
  2. Messiah
  3. Shi'a
  4. Abraham
  5. Monotheistic
  1. a the One who was believed to have been the son of God.
  2. b believing in one God
  3. c the branch of Islam whose members acknowledge Ali and his descendants as the rightful successors of Muhammad
  4. d Christians believe He is the son of God, the Messiah.
  5. e prophet

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  1. made Christianity the official religion of the Roman empire, so he could control it.
  2. the sacred text of Islam
  3. Latin philosopher and theologian. His writings were very influential.
  4. principals, laws, and rules that Jewish people have to follow, that were revealed to Moses (by God)
  5. from Mecca to Medina 622 CE Muhammad was getting death threats so he had to leave. Goes there to get more followers. Islam gains control of Mecca and Medina.

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  1. Sultanthe sacred text of Islam


  2. Apostlesreligious leader, lawgiver and prophet. Most important prohet in the Jewish religion. Also considered an important prophet in Christianity and Islam.


  3. Bishophigh ranking Church official with authority over a local area, or diocese.


  4. Caliphwhere Muhammad fled when he was getting death threats


  5. 5 Pillarsmembers of the Sunni dynasty of caliphs that rules a Muslim empire from 661 to 750