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What type of digestion occurs in the mouth?
a. no digestion occurs in the mouth
b. mechanical and chemical
c. chemical
d. mechanical
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Lactose is a disaccharide found in milk. What makes some people "lactose intolerant" as adults?
a. some people dont produce any enzymes, including the one needed to digest lactose
b. lactose can only be digested by people who produce enough lipase to digest it
c. the active site of the lactose digesting enzyme can vary from person to person
d. lactose intolerant people dont produce adequate amounts of lactase
How many alcoholic drinks can generally be metabolized in one hour? a. one b. two c. three d. fouroneHow does ATP provide energy to a cell? shuttles electrons across the mitochondrial membrane to create potential energy b. it loses a phosphate group, releasing energy in the process c. it releases electrons, which are a source of energy d. it releases protons, which are used in the mitochondrion to create energyit loses a phosphate group, releasing energy in the processWhat is meant by metabolism? a. the boys ability to maintain a constant temperature b. the chemical reactions that create molecules in the body c. the bodys ability to lose weight d. all chemical reactions occurring in the bodyall chemical reactions occurring in the bodyWhat is a possible side effect of having one's gallbladder removed? a. peristalsis is slowed b. fat digestion is impaired c. the ph of the stomachs contents is never neutralized d. alcohol metabolism is impairedfat digestion is impairedWhy do gallstones form in the gallbladder? a. the gallbladder fills with dead hepatocytes b. the gallbladder doesnt function at all c. the gallbladder converts bile into crystallized calcium propionate d. the gallbladder removes too much water from bilethe gallbladder removes too much water from bileHow does the body's metabolic rate respond to extreme dieting? a. calories are burned at a much faster rate b. enough calories are burned to maintain a healthy weight c. calories are burned at a much slower rate d. the metabolic rate increased after the extreme diet endedcalories are burned at a much slower rateWhat type of metabolic pathway requires oxygen? a. fermentative b. aerobic c. photosynthetic d. anaerobicaerobicHow much alcohol dehydrogenase will a man and a woman of the same size produce? a. they will both produce the same amount b. the woman will produce more c. the man will produce more d. the production is not related to body sizethe man will produce moreWhat proteins speed up chemical reactions in cells? a. muscle fibers b. antioxidants c. coenzymes d. enzymesenzymesIf you ate a piece of toast covered with butter, which macromolecule components would result after your body breaks down the food? a. fatty acids, amino acids and polysaccharides b. amino acids and glycerol c. glycerol, fatty acids, and monosaccharides d. monosaccharides and amino acidsglycerol, fatty acids, and monosaccharides