John Lock believed there was a social contract between a government and its people. Explain his ideal of social contract
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In 1765, Britain's Parliament passed a tax on all colonial newspapers, pamphlets, and other papers. What was this act called?It was called the stamp act.How did colonial merchant react to the Tea Act of 1773?They began to smuggle in tea from other countries (like the Spanish and Dutch) that was more expensive, even without a tax. They did this to hurt Britain.After King George III rejected the Olive Branch Petition, Parliament passed the Prohibitory Act. What did this do?It forbade any trade by the colonies with any European Countries.Why did the Tea Act of 1773, which led to the Boston Tea Party, ager many American colonists?It was seen as a slap on the face because Britain still refused to give the colonies representation but continued to tax them.What did the Quartering Acts Require the colonists to do?It required the colonists to hose British soldiers in the homes and feed them.Identify what kind of products did the Stamp Act taxed and give a few examplesNewspapers, Pamphlets, Legal Documents, and playing cards among other paper productsWhich Acts did Parliament (the British government) create in reaction to the Boston Tea Party?created the four (Coercive) Intolerable Acts.In what ways did the colonists and the Sons of Liberty react to British taxes?Smuggling goods, Boston Tea Party, Protests, Tar and feathering, Liberty Tree cartoonsIdentify who Sons of Liberty were and give some examples of how they respond to British taxes.colonial men who opposed British ruleWhat was the First Continental Congress and what did they plan to boycott?They planned to boycott all British goods within the next yearExplain what Ben Franklin was trying to express about survival with his "Join or Die" image.The cut up snake represents the colonies. Franklin felt that if the pieces (the colonies) were put together soon enough then the snake (the colonies) could service (and even thrive).Explain why this engraving (image) of the Boston Massacre by Paul Revere is considered a piece of Propaganda?It was made to be misleading for political gain. It's a half-truth to gain supportWhat is propaganda?sharing some information or part of the truth. Telling an event in a specific way.What was King George IIIs response to the Olive Branch Petition sent to him by the second Continental Congress?He claimed that the Colonies were in open rebellionThomas Paine suggested in his book, Common Sense that Britain should not rule the American colonies anymore. What are some of the reasons that he gives?He expressed that Britain was like a bad mother who was mistreating their child and it was time for the colonies (the child) to leave.Based on the quotation, wat does Paine think about the monarchy in England? "In England, a Kind . . . [is] allowed eight hundred thousand sterling a year . . . and worshipped into the bargain! Of more worth is one honest man to society . . . than all the crowned ruffians that ever lived."He thought that one honest man was worth more than King George III or any King.Why did Parliament repeal the Stamp Act in 1766 and what did they replace it with?It replaced the Stamp Act with the Townshend (and declaratory) acts. The declaratory act reaffirmed British control over the colonies and the Townshend Act but a take on; paper products, glass, tea and lead.