Term Quiz #2

House of burgesses
Representative govt in jamestown
Wanted to purify church
Salem witch trials
1692-3 girls--> fits --> devils. People were accused, 25 dead
Mayflower compact
Agreement for lAw, pilgrims
TolerAtion act of 1649
Maryland assembly passed this law that granted a degree of religious freedom to different groups, especially the Catholics
Middle passage
Grueling journey of slaves
The holy experiment
Penn to create Pennsylvania for everyone
The great awakening
This was a major religious revival in the colonies, which began in the 1730's with its leader being Jonathan Edwards.
Royal colony
Led by king, chosen by king
New England way
Church and state, English law and bible
PropietRy colony
Self setup, full governing rights
Power is measured by wealth and nations wealth is measured by precious metals
Navigation acts
Laws passed by the British to control colonial trade, had to go thru England, lead to smuggliNg
Balance of trade
Export more than you import
Glorious revolution
A reference to the political events of 1688-1689, when James II abdicated his throne and was replaced by his daughter Mary and her husband, Prince William of Orange.