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place; passage in literature

locus, locī, m.

places, region

loca, locōrum, m.

passages in literature

locī, locōrum, m.

disease, sickness

morbus, morbī, m.

eagerness, zeal, pursuit, study

studium, studiī, n.

this; the latter

hic, haec, hoc

that; the former

ille, illa, illud

that of yours, that; such

iste, ista, istud

other, another

alius, alia, aliud



the other, second (of two)

alter, altera, alterum

not either, neither

neuter, neutra, neutrum

not any, no, none

nūllus, nūlla, nūllum

alone, only; the only

sōlus, sōla, sōlum

not only...but also

nōn sōlum...sed etiam

whole, entire

tōtus, tōta, tōtum


ūllus, ūlla, ūllum

one, single, alone

ūnus, ūna, ūnum

either, which (of two)

uter, utra, utrum

(postpositive conj.) for, in fact, truly


(prep. + acc.) into toward; against


(adv.) too, too much, excessively

nimis, nimium

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