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  1. Is a process of unlearning old norms, roles, values and learning new ones required by the new social environment.
  2. Individuals of whom they are interacting with such as a mother or father
  3. Here individuals learn to evaluate themselves and other socia objects from the point of view of a particular significant other
  4. Ceremonies marking important transitions in life, such as the passage of being single to being married.
  5. is socialization for a status that occurs before the person occupies that status. Let's people learn more about the status and role before they commit to it

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  1. Informal socializationIs socialization occurring in settings specifically designed for socialization


  2. Adult stageHere children learn to take the role of multiple others at the same time. Ex: several people playing a game


  3. Preparatory stageThe first stage of a child's social development, where behavior is largely imitation of others with little use of symbols and limiting role-taking.


  4. Degradation ceremonyis a ritual in which someone experiences negative, often extremely embarrassing events in the presence of others.