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  1. Ceremonies marking important transitions in life, such as the passage of being single to being married.
  2. Here children learn to take the role of multiple others at the same time. Ex: several people playing a game
  3. The first stage of a child's social development, where behavior is largely imitation of others with little use of symbols and limiting role-taking.
  4. Is a process of unlearning old norms, roles, values and learning new ones required by the new social environment.
  5. is a ritual in which someone experiences negative, often extremely embarrassing events in the presence of others.

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  1. Social channelingIs a process of socialization in which children of the rich are prepared for and directed to positions of privilege in society while children of the poor are prepared for and directed into low prestige positions


  2. Adult stageHere individuals learn to evaluate themselves and other socia objects from the point of view of a particular significant other


  3. Informal socializationIs socialization occurring in settings specifically designed for socialization


  4. BorderworkRefers to the interactions between genders that tends to strengthen and perpetuate gender boundaries
    . Contest between sexes, boys chasing girls, "cooties."