Private Insurance Plans for Seniors

A long term care policy typically provides all of the following levels of care EXCEPT...
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Tom has a home health care benefit and is confined to his home. Which of these benefits is NOT typically covered?Full time nursing careSomeone needing custodial care at home would require which type of coverage?Long term careThe IRS states that a taxpayer's medical expenses that exceed 7.5% of their adjusted gross income is tax deductible. Which of the following may be considered a medical expense under this rule?Long Term Care Insurance premiumsAll of the following are core benefits of Medicare Supplement Plan A EXCEPT...Deductible payments for the first 60 days of hospitalization under Medicare hospitalization insuranceRespite care is able to provide...Temporary relief to the patient's primary caregiverWhich of these gaps in Medicare coverage is addressed with Medicare supplemental insurance?Medicare in hospital deductibleAll ___policies must be guaranteed renewable.Long term caregenerally speaking, which three levels of care are long term care policies provided with?Skilled nursing, intermediate, and custodial carethe purpose of Medicare supplement insurance is to address gaps in Medicare coverage, which can includeMedicare in hospital deductiblein a long term care policy, activities of daily living can be each of the following excepttalkingpremiums paid that exceeds 7 1/2 percent of an insured's adjusted gross income or tax deductible when paid for which of the following plans?Qualified long term care plancontinuous 24 hour care provided by licensed medical professionals under the direct supervision of a physician is calledskilled nursing carea Medicare supplement plan can be cancelled by the insurerfor nonpayment of premiumsShirley has a medigap policy, which is designed to pay costs associated withMedicare parts A&BLong term care policies may provide coverage for claims arising fromsenile dementiawhich of the following is not a type of Medicare Advantage plan?Social Security disability incomethe typical long term care insurance policy designed to provide a minimum of ___ year of coverage1which type of long term care benefit would be most appropriate for a stroke victim who requires speech therapy administered at her home?Home health carea Medicare supplement policy isdesigned to fill in the gaps of part A and Part B Medicarewhich of these statements about Medicaid is correctfunded by federal, state, and local taxesWhich of the following provides Medicare supplement policiesprivate insurance companies