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any living thing that can carry out its life on its own,


the smallest unit of living thing


a green chemical in plant cells that allow plants to use the sun's energy to make food.


a group of similar cells that work together at the same job


the science of organizing categories for living things


the largest group into which an organism can be classified


a group of similar organisms in a genus that can reproduce more of their own kind.


a seed plant that does not produce flowers


the tissue through which water and minerals move up through a plant


the tissue through which food from the leaves moves throughout the rest of a plant.


the layer in plants that separates the xylem from the phloem


the food-making process in green plants that uses sunlight


cannot be divided into mirror images

radial symmetry

a body plan in which all body parts of an organism are arranged around a central point

skeletal system

the organ system made up of bones, tendons and ligaments

muscular system

the body system made up of muscles that move bones

digestive system

the organ system that breaks down food so it can be absorbed into the blood stream.

excretory system

the organ system that removes cellular wastes from the body

cell membrane

flexible wrapping that surrounds all cells

central vacuole

found in plant cells only

arthropod phylum

has the most species


breaks down dead organisms to eat


not a living thing but carries out reproduction

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