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the smallest part of your body that carries out activities of life.

cells make up

all living things

cellular respiration

the taking in of
oxygen and food, such as sugar, in order to get energy

cell membrane

surrounds a cell, holding the parts of the cell together. It allows needed materials, such as sugar, water, and oxygen, to enter the cell. It allows certain other materials, such as carbon dioxide and other waste products, to exit.


the part of the cell that contains chromosomes-which controls how the body grows


carry the instructions for the cell to do its jobs.


is a chemical shaped like a twisted ladder

cell wall

surrounds the cell membrane-only in plant cells. It is very stiff and provides extra support and protection.


the process of passing genes from one generation to the next.


give green color to plants and use energy in sunlight to turn water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and sugar.


energy producer.

cell membrane

holds contents of cell together and controls what passes into and out of the cell (like our skin)


all the material of the cell between the cell membrane and the nucleus. It holds smaller parts in the cell.


provides storage and breaks down material. In plant cells they may store water.

cell wall

like the brick walls of a factory-it helps support the plant cell, just like walls of a factory keep the building standing up.

cell membrane

allows certain things to go in and out of the cell. It is like a screen door in a factory; it allows some things to go in and out, but not others.


the liquid in the cell that all the other organelles float around in. It is like the factory floor, it provides a surface that everything can stand on.


produce energy for the cell to use. They are like the power supply for the factory; they are the powerhouse of the cell.


controls what the cell does and contains the DNA. It is like the control room of the factory; it tells everything else what to do.


only found in plant cells and helps the plant make its own food. It is also like a power supply; it provides the cell with the materials to make the food. Think of it as the cafeteria


can sometimes act like a stomach, storing and breaking down material. In plants vacuoles may store water. Think of it as a vaporizer.


a group of the same kind of cells working together doing the same job


a group of different tissues combined together into one structure to perform a main job in the body.

organ system

a group of organs that work together to carry out a life process.

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