criminal investigation exam 4

When armed robbery is committed, the perpetrator is most likely to have
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what kind of burglars often operate on the basis of impulseamateurA burglary occurred, but no apparent force was used, and a point of entry or exit cannot be established. This type of burglary is called a(an) _______ entry.surreptitiouswhat indicates a juvenile burglar?1. destructive acts of vandalism 2. removal of most valuable items 3. after the burglary is complete, the burglars steal a car associated with the premises 4. a semi organized crime scenewhat helps homeowners reduce the risk of residential burglary1. stop mail delivery when out of town 2. put up "beware of dogs" sign 3. keep lights on timers to make it look like people are home and awakeThe primary federal agency responsible for investigating counterfeiting is thesecret serviceThe removal of a price sticker from one item for sale and replacing it with a less expensive sticker is an example oftheft by deceptionthe unauthorized use of another's credit card, using someone else's medical insurance card or social security number to get benefits are examples oftheft by fraudIn the context of shoplifters, which of the following groups represents the majority of shopliftersamateurswhat has been referred to as the "crime of the new millennium"identity theftScamming victims out of personal information on the Internet is accomplished by a technique known asphishingOnce armed with enough stolen personal identification data, the process of identity theft is executed and follow-on crimes are committed. What term refers to the practice of the thief calling credit card companies, asking them to change the address "your" bill is mailed to and quickly running up charges on accounts?account takeoverwhat are the 3 most common ways identity thieves obtain personal information1. hacking 2. fraud/trickery/phishing 3. mail theftwhat are the problems related to bogus charities as cited in the textbook?tax evasion/tax fraud, fake charities, keeping the money for themselves, lying about the causeinsurance fraud can be hard or soft. soft fraud is also called ______ and involves normally honest people who tell "little white lies" to collect reimbursements to which they are not entitledopportunity fraudan employee who fraudulently claims to be injured on the job would be committing...workers compensation fraudWhat scam begins with a potential victim getting an unsolicited fax, email, or letter that purports to be from a current or former Nigerian governmental official or a relative of such, and requests assistance in getting money into the United States?nigerian 419 scheme and black money/wash schemeWhy do criminals want to launder money?to avoid prosecution of obtaining money illegally and to make it look like the money came from a legal sourcemoney laundering involves three distinct steps. what are they?placing, layering, integrationplacement is often done by _____, or making multiple deposits of cash or buying multiple bank drafts, which are checks issued by one bank against funds deposited in the bank that authorize a second bank to make payment to the entity named in the draftsmurfinga process that involves the touting of a company's stock through false and misleading statements to the marketplace often by using the intent of driving up the price of the stock is called _______a pump and dump schemehackers are typically male and are usually between the ages of14 and 30the two prerequisites for the emergence of cybercrime were...1. computers had to be commonplace 2. had to be linked in a networkwhat are the types of computer intrusion1. theft of computer resources 2. theft of confidential information 3. system sabatoge 4. website defacement 5. denial of service attacks 6. distribution of malicious softwarea ____ is defined as a malicious program that attacks a computer system directly, rather than infecting a host program, and spread rapidly through the internet or emailworm____ is a broad term that sometimes is used to mean the same thing as malware but more narrowly is thought of as a surveillance tool, such as the infostealer form of a trojan horsespywarewhat are the situations where a parent would not have the ability to give consent to search the room of their child?1. if the child is over 18 2. if the child has asserted their right to deny access 3. if the child pays rentIf no destructive processes are running and no items of evidentiary value on the screen, one step in seizing computer crime evidence is to _____unplug the computerwhen conducting the preliminary review about a computer assisted crime or cybercrime, investigators should establishwho owns the computerif persons of interest are located at a computer assisted or cybercrime scene, which of the following should an investigator do?keep them in separate roomswhich type of hackers may work for national government to destroy the operational capabilities of the target?information/espionage warfarethe type of cybercriminal who is more likely to cause the greatest losses isinternal/insider