Bus 255 Chapter 8

Which of the following statements is true of power?
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An attribute of one's connection power is that it _____.depends on one's relationship with influential peopleIdentify the ways to increase one's reward power.Appreciate others Try to reward others based on what they valueA characteristic of people who use ingratiation tactic to influence a person is that they:praise the person to get him or her in a good mood before making their request.A person can persuade others to do something they would not otherwise do to help the person meet his or her objectives. This kind of persuasion should _____.involve proper presentation of argumentsIn the context of reading people, which of the following are guidelines that one should follow in order to persuade others?One should place oneself in the position of others and anticipate their expectations. One should include the information about others' expectations into a persuasive presentation. One should focus on others' expectations when persuading themA person should make use of contacts or friends who can influence people he or she is dealing with to increase his or her _____ power.connectionTrue or false: Rational persuasion tactic to influence others works well with people whose behavior is more influenced by emotions than by thinkingFalseLaura, a sales manager of a firm, plans to persuade Sean, a salesperson, to take up additional responsibilities of a sale. When using rational persuasion tactic to influence Sean, Laura should _____.explain the reasons why he should take up the responsibilities, along with evidenceSteve, a manager of a firm, plans to use ingratiation tactic to influence an employee, Stella. To use the tactic effectively, Steve should _____.appreciate Stella based on her past related achievementsPeople appeal to a person's values, ideals, and aspirations or increase his or her self-confidence by showing feelings that appeal to the person's emotions and enthusiasm when using an influencing tactic called the _____.inspirational appeal tacticAs an influencing tactic, a person can request others to fulfill the person's objective based on loyalty and friendship. This is called the _____.personal appeal tacticIdentify the true statements about politics in an organization.The importance of politics increases with the levels of management. Politics in an organization is directly related to the organization's size.Which of the following is a feature of rational persuasion tactic used to influence a person?It uses logical arguments with factual evidence to prove that a behavior will meet a desired objective.The procedure of building relationship alliances with key people in an organization for the purpose of politicking is termed _____.networkingIdentify a person who uses rational persuasion tactic to influence others most effectively.Janet, who explains the benefits of meeting her objective by providing evidenceTrue or false: As an influencing tactic, inspirational appeals work well with people whose behavior is more influenced by logical thinking than by emotions.FalseWhen managing a boss in an organization, a person should _____.study the boss's style and preferencesIdentify a true statement about personal appeal tactic used to influence others.It is mostly used with peers and outsiders.The process of gaining and using power is referred to as _____.PoliticsA true statement about networking in organizations is that it _____.has been proven to help employees get job promotionsTrue or false: The relationship between a manager and an employee of a firm should be one of real friendship.FalseWhich of the following are parts of horizontal politics in an organization?Relationships with peers Relationships with members of other departmentsWhich of the following refer to building a good working relationship with one's boss in an organization?Managing the boss Leader-member exchange (LMX) theoryIdentify a proper customer etiquette that should be followed by people in an organization.Have a welcoming attitude and invite customers back for repeat businessWhich of the following is a person's behavior that is considered improper customer etiquette in an organization?Being rude to a customer who rudely voiced his or her product-related objectionsStephanie, a salesperson, listens to the complaints voiced by a customer, Patrick, about a product sold by her. To deal with Patrick effectively, Stephanie should _____.avoid getting him defensive by blaming him or telling him that he is wrongTo build effective relationships with subordinates, a manager of a firm must _____.make efforts to maintain harmonious relations with the subordinates where differences of opinion are encouragedWhen building relations with peers as part of horizontal politics in an organization, an employee should _____.be cooperative and help the peersWhat are the ways for people in an organization to find out what a customer wants from their product?Ask probing questions to the customer Listen to the customer carefullyUnlike in high power-distance cultures, in low power-distance cultures, _____.people are less comfortable with variations in power among themWhen dealing with customers, people in an organization should avoid _____.engaging in personal business while waiting on the customersSamson, a salesperson of a firm, communicates with Rita, a customer who is dissatisfied by a product sold by Samson. Arrange the steps Samson should take to deal with Rita in the correct order of occurrence.Match the types of power-distance cultures (in the left column) with their features (in the right column)High power-distance cultures Leaders of organizations are allowed to use strong power and politics as they are expected to behave differently from people in low ranks. Low power-distance cultures Leaders of organizations cannot use strong power and politics as power is expected to be shared with employees through empowerment.