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ruler and judge

Muhammad was more than a prophet. He also served as a what?

hungry and thirsty

The people of Medina had a problem. They were __________.

Attack the caravans and give to the poor

Muhammad's solution for the food shortage in Medina.


The Meccans were ANGRY about being attacked. They fought for ________________?


The two cities continued to fight for _________years.

Muhammed's army defeated Mecca

The fight between Mecca and Medina ended when __________.


The city Muhammad declared a holy place

Every faithful Muslim

Is supposed to visit Mecca once during their lifetime

Didn't like each other

What was the deal with the people of North and South China

North China

Where was Yang Chien from?

South China

Who did Yang Chien invade and defeat?


Yang Chien founded this dynasty


People in Northern and Southern China could not travel easily to each others territories because of _____________.

The Yangtze and the Yellow Rivers

What rivers seperated Northern and Southern China

The Grand Canal

The Sui emperors had a new river called the ________ dug to northern China with Southern China.


The emperors ___________ men, women and children to dig the Grand Canal.

Emperor Yangdi

Who went for a ride on the Grand Canal when it was finished.

rebelled, killed

The people of China ___________ against Yangdi and ___________ him.

Three things Li Yuan did to make his people happy

He made the cities stronger and cleaner, he allowed the people to freely worship in any religion, and he encouraged trade with other countries.

Everybody was happy and wealthy

The Tang Dynasty is called the "Golden Age" of China because ____________

they carved words into wooden blocks and dipped them in ink

How the Chinese printed books

lacquer trees

The Chinese used sap from this to paint on wood and cloth. It dried to a hard finish.

gun powder

this was invented by the Chinese by accident

danced to the music

What did the horses do that frightened the soldiers


The ruler of Mecca

Muhammad died

Why were the Muslims worried and concerned

Abu bakr

The new leader, or caliph of the Islamic empire after Muhammad died

Stronger and larger

Under the rule of the caliphs, the Islamic empire became ___________________?


The capital of the new Islamic empire

Beautiful buildings, running water, libraries, and its thinkers

What is Baghdad known for?

the adventure

Why did Sinbad become a sailor?

a wooden tub

What did Allash send Sinbad so he would not drown in the sea

a large bird's egg

Sinbad found a large, white dome on an island. It turned out to be what?

unwrapping his turban, tying one end to his waist, and the other end to a birds leg

Sinbad escaped the island with the large egg by doing what?


Sinbad landed in a beautiful valley, but it was full of ____________.


Sinbad filled his pockets with _____________ when he was in the Valley of the Snakes


Sinbad got up the cliff by holding up what

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