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Replacement rate,the number of births needed to keep a population at a stable level without immigration, requires a total fertility of
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Sub-saharan Africa´s high mortality rate is strongly influenced byAIDSThe population explosion began in which century?19th centuryIn the United States which is likely to cause virtually all population growth in the next few decadesnet in migrationAll of the following are examples of the periodic movement exceptcommuting to work dailyA periodic form of movement that involves a system of pastoral farming whereby livestock and their keepers adjust their location to the seasonal availability of pastures is called:transhumanceThe long-term permanent relocation of an individual, household, or group to a new location outside the community of origin is calledmigrationWe can hypothesize with some confidence that Costa Rica has a lower crude death rate than the United States because Costa Ricalower percentage of elderly peopleOne of the laws of migration as derived by Ravenstein states thatmajority of migrants are young and singleGravenstein, in his study of migration, suggested that there is an inverse relationship between the volume of migration and the distance between the source and destination. That is, the number of migrants as the distance they know they must travel increasesdecreasesA boy migrated from Honduras through Guatemala and Mexico, then enter the United States without immigration documents, because members of his ethnic groups were being targeted for torture or assassination in his home country. Although the u.s. government does not Grant the boy Refugee status, this case is an example of international and blank migrationforcedaccording to the demographic transition model, what factor changes first to propel a country into stage 2: high growth?death rates go downIn terms of total number of refugees, blank is the geographic realm most severely affected by refugee problems in terms of people leaving?North Africa and Southwest AsiaThe practice of excluding people from entering a country because the government has stated that the immigration population has achieved its yearly limit?quotaSince September 2001, there has been a greater concern about immigration control toprevent terrorismZero/negative population growth is most often found in which stage of the demographic transition model?stage 5Which of the following regions is experiencing the fastest population growth?sub saharan AfricaThe number of live births per thousand people per year is called the?crude birth ratesWhich of the following countries is most likely to be showing the lowest natural increase rate?JapanTotal fertility rate is not closely correlated with which of the following?Industrial OutputWhich is the result of chain migration?China townRefugees are produced throughforced migrationMany recent college graduates and young professionals move to large vibrant cities such as New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles-with nightlife, cultural amenities, and job opportunities. These attractions are examples ofpull factorsWhich of the following countries is at stage 2 of the demographic transition model?NigeriaSuppose that a family moves from Point A to Point B. Two years later, they moved from point B to Point C. 2 years later they moved from point C to point D. The type of movement illustrated in this chart is?Step migrationSuppose that the family moved from point A with the intention of moving to point C. Along the way the adult family members found jobs, so decided to settle in point B.There pattern of movements was altered byintervening opportunitiesWhich of the following profiles characterizes the population group that is most likely to migrate?single, 25 year oldWhich of the following is the best example of a cultural push factor stimulating a migration?Palestinians that left Israel after Jewish migration to the new country in 1948A rectangular shaped population pyramid indicates a country that isgrowing slowly or not at allIn countries that would fall into stage 2 of the demographic transition model, the economy is best characterized as ( think the number of children families would have in this stage )agriculturalWhich statement most accurately describes the motivations of the historic european and south American immigrants to the U.Sboth are and were motivated by economic factorsOne would expect to find a population with a relatively young age structure inless developed countriesPossible stage 5 of the demographic transition model where birth rates dip below death rates result in a decreasing and aging population. A country that would be an example of this would beSwedenWhich of the following best describes a "push factor" that would cause rural people in the Third World to leave their farms and migrate away from their home community?Civil war/ armed conflict in countrysidedoubling time or the number of years required for a population to double in size can be estimated by70 ruleThe age ratio represented in the age-sex graph to the right for the United Arab Emirates ( much more men than women in the country) is most likely the result ofa large quest worker pop.Over the last 150 years, Europe has changed to a destination region for international migration. Using the demographic transition model to explain briefly Europe's development as a source of international migrants between 1800 and 1920 Identify and explain one factor other than demographic transition that was responsible for Europe's development as a source of migration to the United States between 1800 and 1920 Briefly explain how three aspects of the demographic transition model account for Europe's transformation into destination region for migrants from North Africa between 1960 and 2000A. A decreasing death rate in Europe leads to an increased population Or Europe's position in stages 2 through 3 led to increased population (implies the above) B. Collapse of agriculture. potato famine Irish migration (push) B. Economic. Downturns,e.g., Norway, Sweden(push) Job opportunities in the United States (pull) Recruiting, e.g, are RRs in the United States (pull) B. Cultural. Religious persecution, e.g, Germans, Russian Jews (push) network connections/chain migrations (pull) B. Political. Instability, repression, lack of freedom (push) C. Europe's low BR/DR (stages 4-5) general labor shortage. Specific labor shortages ( e.g., skilled, etc.) avoid population decline. Immigrants as scapegoats. C. Europe with an aging population. General labor shortage. Specific labor shortages (e.g., skilled, etc) C.North Africa's BR ( stage 2) overpopulation, labor Surplus.