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Art at The Court: China

in Chinese history is a highly educated civil servant who entered goverment only after passing examinations
the art of beautiful handwriting
term that describes the resurgence of Confucianism and the influence of Confucian scholars during the T'ang Dynasty; a unification of Daoist or Buddhist metaphysics with Confucian pragmatism
collectively, the educated, or well-lettered, members of society; scholarly people
a relief printmaking process in which the artist carves from the surface of a block of wood an image the printing areas of which are higher than the surrounding non-printing areas
Fan Kuan, Travelling in Streams and Mountains. Northern Song Dynasty
Su Shi, Fragments of calligraphy. Northern Song Dynasty
Guo Xi, Early Spring. Northern Song Dynasty
Emperor Hui Zong, Five-Colored Parakeet on a Branch of Apricot Blossom. Northern Song Dynasty
Emperor Hui Zong, Auspicious Cranes. Northern Song Dynasty
Xia Gui, Pure and Remote Views of Hills and Streams. Southern Song Dynasty
Ma Yuan, On a Mountain Path in Spring. Southern Song Dynasty
Zhao Mengfu, Autumn Colors on the Qiao and Hua Mountains. Yuan Dynasty
Li Kan, Bamboo and Rocks. Yuan Dynasty
Yan Liben, Emperor and Attendants from Thirteen Emperors Scroll. Tang Dynasty
Zhou Fang, Court Ladies Adorning Their Hair. Tang Dynasty
Zhou Fang, Court Lady Tuning the Lute. Tang Dynasty
Pillow in the form of a boy and a lotus leaf, Early 12th Century. Ding ware, Northern Song Dynasty
Dish with dragon chasing a pearl, Early 12th Century. Ding ware, Northern Song Dynasty
Vase, Ru ware. Northern Song Dynasty
pale green colored ceramics.
Mandate of Heaven
a political theory of ancient China in which those in power were given the right to rule from a divine source
a ceramic made of fine clay baked at very high temperatures
ru ware
nearly white to deep robin's egg colored ceramics covered in reddish-brown crackles
ding ware
ivory-white or creamy white colored ceramics.
Tea Bowl, Temmoku ware. Northern Song Dynasty
Platter, painted with underglaze cobalt blue, 14th Century. Yuan Dynasty
Dragon silk robe for the Emperor, Qing Dynasty