World history- chapter 21

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-Leader of the Haitian Revolution
-born into slavery in Haiti, but belonged to a noble, educated family from west africa
-Intelligence and dignity transforms a slave into a strong military leader:
------Taught to read and write by a liberal, enlightenment inspired slave- owner who trained him as a house servant
-------Learned the African language from his formerly noble father
-Inspired by French Enlightenment philosophers, slave revolts of ancient Rome, and the French REvolution of 1789
-1789: French revolutionaries apply "The Rights of Man" to all french subjects, including blacks and mulattoes in Haiti
- plantation owners
-1791: Plantation owners push French revolutionaries to retract the measure, stripping mixed race citizens of Haiti of their newfound rights
-Toussaint Breda becomes known as Toussaint L'Ouverture- "the one who finds an opening"
-1791-1798: Toussaint led a large army of slaves against Mulatto, French, British, and Spanish armies
-1798:Jacobin leader, maximilien Robespierre ends slavery in Haiti
-Toussaint L'Ouverture leaders an army to expel British and Spanish troops from Haiti
-Jacobins give Toussaint and his men control of island
-Toussaint's wanted to rebuild haiti
-1802- Napoleon bonaparte invades Haiti hoping to regain french control of the island
-Responding to the needs of plantation owners, Napoleon reinstates slavery in haiti, sparking a second war for indepence
-Toussaint L'Ouverture leads forces against the French
-Toussaint's guerilla forces and yellow fever take a toll on french forces
-April 1802L French are losing an average of 100 men per day
-1803- Toussaint and Napoleon agree to a peace treaty
Toussaint taken into custody and shipped to France
-Napoleon orders him to held in a prison dungeon and murdered by means of starvation
-Toussaint dies of starvation