What worm mitigation phase involves actively disinfecting infected systems?
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Which security implementation will provide control plane protection for a network device?
There is no ability to secure the control plane.
Routing Protocol Authentication.
Encryption for remote access connection.
NTP for consistent timestamps on logging messages.
AAA for authenticating management access.
AAA provides free road-side assitance.
Question 7
How does BYOD change the way in which businesses implement networks?
BYOD users are responsible for their own network security, thus reducing the need for organizational security policies.

BYOD devices are more expensive than devices purchased by the organizations.

BYOD devices changed nothing..

BYOD devices provide flexibility in where and how users can access network resources.

BYOD users are better at securing their devices than the IT Department.
What is the primary function of SANS? To maintain the Internet Storm Center. To maintain the Weather Channel To foster cooperation and coordinationin information sharing, incident prevention and rapid reaction. To provide vendor neutral education products and career services. To maintain the list of common vulnerabilities.To maintain the Internet Storm CenterWhat is the primary means for mitigating virus and Trojan horse attacks? Antivirus Software. Encryption. Blocking ICMP echo and echo replies. Antisniffer Software.Antivirus Software.