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Ch 4 Human Geo

rapid diffusion of popular culture
depends on modern communication and transportation systems
popular culture
diffuses rapidly to many locations
the main effect of modern communications on social customs has been to
increase the similarity of social customs in different locations
folk songs are distinguished from popular songs because they
tell a story about daily activities
an example of folk customs used to diffuse information about agriculture is
vietnamese songs
the spatial distribution of soccer during the 20th century is an example of
pop culture
china produces a relatively large amount of pork compared to the countries of south asia primarily because
buddhists do not have a taboo against pork consumption
which of the following is not an important factor in distinguishing folk housing types in the US
size of the building
pioneer farmers settling the grasslands of the american west often built houses of sod, while early settlers of the eastern forest bult wooden structures like log cabins. this suggest that building materials
are strongly influence by local resources
the diffusion of jeans is a good example primarily of the
diffusion of popular culture
americans' preferences for vegetables
vary according to what is grown locally
the distribution of alcohol consumption in t he US displays all but which of these typical characteristics of pop culture
uniform distribution across the landscape
which element of the local physical environment is important for wine production
all of the above (climate, topography, soil)
little wine is produced in asia primarily because
the people do not have a tradition of wine making
geographers are concerned with the distribution of which of the following aspects of television service?
all of the above (method of gov. control, number of receivers per capita, year service was adopted)
the choice of clothing in the western countries is strongly influenced by
all of the above (knowledge of fashion elsewhere, occupation, level of income)
many LDC's fear the loss of the folk culture because
western perspectives may become more dominant
western dominance of the news media is feared in LDC's for all but which of these reasons
western countries control most of the newspaper in LDC's
in the US, the number of golf courses per person is highest in
the north central states, where there is a long tradition of playing golf
the frequent repetition of an act, to the extent that it becomes characteristic of a group of people is a
a repetitive act performed by an individual
in contrast to folk culture, pop culture is typical of
heterogeneous groups
folk cultures are spread primarily by
relocation diffusion
pop customs are more likely than folk customs to
rapidly diffuse through modern communication system