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In what type of attack is a cybercriminal attempting to prevent legitimate users from accessing network services?
Address Spoofing
Session Hijacking
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Which two statements describe access attacks? (Choose two.)
Port rediretction attacks use a network adapter card in promiscuous mode to capture all network packets that are being sent across a LAN.

To detect listening services, port scanning attacks scan a range of TCP or UDP port numbers on a host.

Buffer overflow attacks write data beyond the allocated buffer memory to overwrite valid data or to exploit systems to execute malicious code.

Password attacks can be implemented by the use of brute-force attack methods, Trojan horses, or packet sniffers.

Trust exploitation attacks often involve the use of a laptop to act as a rogue access point to capture and copy all network traffic in a public location, such as a wireless hotspot.
Which two characteristics describe a worm? (Choose two.)
executes when software is run on a computer
infects computers by attaching software code
travels to new computers without any intervention or knowledge of the user
hides in a dormant state until needed by an attacker
is self-replicating
despite being hermaphroditic, it needs a partner to reproduce
In what way are zombies used in security attacks?
They probe a group of machine for open ports to learn which services are running.
They are malicioulsy formed code segments used to replace legitimate applications.
They are infected machines that carry out a DDoS attack.
They target specific individuals to gain corporate information.
They target specific individuals to gain personal information.
What is an example of a local exploit?
A threat actor performs a brute force attack on an enterprise edge router to gain illegal access.

A buffer overflow attack is launched against an online shopping website and causes a server crash.

Port scanning is used to determine if the Telnet service is running.

The threat actor is within a 5 kilometer radius of the target.

A threat actor tries to gain the user password of a remote host by using a keyboard capture installed by a Trojan.
Which statement describes the term attack surface? It is the total sum of vulnerabilities in a system that is accessible to an attacker It is the total number of attacks toward an organization within a day. it is the group of hosts that expereiences the same attack. It is the interface where the attacks originate. The interface on the gateway router upon which the attack enters.It is the total sum of vulnerabilities in a system that is accessible to an attackerWhich risk management plan involves discontinuing an activity that creates a risk? Risk Mitigation Risk Avoidance Risk Reduction Risk Sharing Risk RetentionRisk Avoidance