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MIDI port, MIDI protocol, and the Standard MIDI file format.
Name the components of a MIDI system.
A(n) ____ is a peripheral device or chip that creates sound from digital instructions input by the user.
true/false: The RIAA is focusing primarily on companies in their battle against copyright infringement.
A fractal is an art form that uses mathematical formulas to create a geometric pattern that is repeated over and over, either at smaller or larger scales.
What is a fractal?
Splitting involves segmenting a video into smaller scenes for easier editing.
What is splitting?
____ is a special effect in which one video image is transformed into another image over the course of several frames of video.
True or False: It is legal to add still or video images to live broadcasts so that they look as if they are part of the original scene.
In 3-D animation, a(n) _____ model forms the basis for generating an artificial character or object.
communications bus
The ____ of an ECU allows the various modules in the car to send data to and from the ECU.
true/false: Night vision systems generate an image of the road in black and white.
Sensors are placed on the bumper and below each door.
Where are the sensors of a collision warning system placed?
adaptive cruise control (ACC)
____ is a system that maintains a safe driving interval between your car and other vehicles by changing the gears or by applying the brakes.
Air Traffic Control System Command Center (ATSCC)
The ____ oversees all air traffic control in the United States.
the pilot
Who completes the preflight routine, which includes transmitting a flight plan to the air traffic control tower?
maintain a database to provide travel providers and consumers information about available flights and seats and to manage inventory.
What is the purpose of a global distribution system (GDS)?
flight simulator
A(n) ____ helps train airline pilots by modeling the experience of being inside the cockpit of a plane.
needs assessment
Computerized tutorials can be programmed to perform a(n) ____, which is a formal process of identifying discrepancies between your current understanding of a topic and an understanding defined as mastery of the topic.
A(n) ____ is a project in which students use Internet resources to answer open-ended questions presented around a particular topic.
Encyclopedia Britannica, CNN Student News
Name an online encyclopedia and an online Web site that has information geared towards students:
____ is a simplified programming language invented at MIT by Seymour Papert.
True or False: A Web-based message board does not require a newsreader.
real time
____ means that the people who are communicating are online at the same
learning management system (LMS)
A(n) ____ is a computer-based management administration system that tracks students' progress and performance in the classroom.
In a synchronous setting, the students and instructor attend class at a specific time and information is shared in real time. In an asynchronous setting, students access course resources at whatever time is convenient and communicate through e-mail and mailing lists.
Define the difference between synchronous and asynchronous distance learning:
A ____________ is a collection of text and numbers laid out in a rectangular grid.
Chart Sheet
In spreadsheet terms, a(n) _____ contains an Excel chart that provides a visual representation of spreadsheet data.
documentation sheet
A _____________ reminds you why you created a workbook and what it
To enter additional lines in a cell, press the ____________.
8.38 standard-sized characters—
about 8 or 9 characters
What is the default column width?
A ______ is a single point on a computer monitor or printout.
True/False: If you increase the font size of characters, you can fit more text
within a given cell.
To select adjacent ranges, hold down the ___________ key and then select the
True/False: To deselect a range, click in the selected range again.
A(n) _____ is a mathematical expression that calculates a value.
True/False: A worksheet can contain the following type of data: text, numeric values, dates, and calculated values.
The _____ calculates the total number of values.
True/False: Functions are used to simplify formulas.
New Excel workbooks contain how many worksheets?
True/False: Worksheets cannot be deleted
editing mode
To edit a cell's contents, you need to work in _____.
True/False: You can reverse more than one action by clicking on the Undo button's list arrow.
keys. The ` grave accent symbol is usually located above the Tab key on your
To toggle in and out of formula view, press the ________ keys.
________ a printout reduces the width and the height of the printout to fit the
number of pages you specify by shrinking the text size as needed.
The actual data you entered, not the calculation
If you forget to put an = sign at the beginning of a formula, what will appear in the cell?
F2 (to edit the cell); press the Home key (to move the insertion point to the
beginning of the cell); press the Equal sign; and press Enter
How can you correct the problem without re-keying the formula?
The worksheet will
have the same name as the original, but with a (2) following the name.
If you create a copy of an existing worksheet and insert it between some existing
sheets how will the copied worksheet be identified?
You can
press the Esc key or click the Cancel button on the formula bar to cancel all of
the changes you made while in editing mode
If you make a mistake while entering data, what can you do?
live preview
The _____ allows you to see the effects of formatting options on the workbook's appearance before you apply them.
True/False: The Office theme is the default theme.
True/False: Italic and bold are examples of a font style.
true/False: A type style is a set of characters that employ the same typeface.
True/False: Theme colors are the 12 colors that belong to the workbook's theme.
True/False: By default, Excel does not add background color to worksheet cells.
True/False: You cannot change the background image of a worksheet.
Excel stores dates and times as _______.
january 1, 1900 at 12 a.m.
Dates are actually measured from what date?
True/False: Combining several cells into one cell is called aligning.
True/False: Text is oriented within a cell horizontally from left to right.
right clicking
You can also open the Format Cells dialog box by ________ a cell, and then
clicking Format Cells on the shortcut menu.
borders button arrow
To see more Border options, in the Font group on the Home tab, click the
format painter
The most efficient way for copying only formatting is to use the _______ feature
True/False: The Format Painter will allow you to copy formatting only to adjacent cells.
True/False: A style is a collection of formatting.
True/False: Excel has built-in styles to format worksheet titles.
True/False: Only fonts, not colors or cell styles, are organized in theme and non-
theme categories.
True/False: You can save a workbook's theme as a file that can be used in other
workbooks or Office files.
True/False: To make a worksheet active, click on the sheet tab.
merge and center
To merge and center text in multiple cells, click the ___________ button.
True/False: After you apply a table style, you can choose which table elements
you want included in the style.
True/False: You can use cell styles and other formatting tools to individual cells
and ranges to format Excel tables.
True/False: Conditional formatting in a worksheet is special formatting applied
when certain cell values meet one or more conditions.
A ________ is a key that shows each color used in the worksheet and what it
True/False: A data bar is a vertical bar added to the background of a cell.
True/False: If there is too much data to fit into the worksheet window, apply the Zoom tool.
True/False: Hiding rows, columns, and worksheets is an excellent way to conceal extraneous or distracting information.
dollar $
Use the _____ symbol to make a cell reference absolute.
True/False: A relative reference is a cell reference that changes when it is copied and pasted in a new location.
True/False: Functions are organized in the Function Library group.
True/False: To add a collection of numbers, use the COUNT function.
equal sign =
5. To let Excel know you want to enter a formula, after clicking in a cell press the _______ key.
True/False: AutoFill copies content but not formats from a cell or range into an adjacent cell or range.
True/False: The small black square in the lower-right corner of a selected cell or range is called the AutoFill button.
If you don't want the cell reference to change when you copy the formula use the _______ reference.
B$4 is an example of a(n) _________ reference.
equal sign =
What symbol appears at the beginning of a function?
comparison operator
A(n) _________ is a symbol that indicates the relationship between two values.
True/False: The TODAY function doesn't have any arguments.
True/False: The values returned by the TODAY and NOW functions are updated
automatically whenever you reopen the workbook or enter a new calculation.
The _____ function will return the monthly payment required to pay off a loan.
FV future value
To determine how much an investment will be worth after a series of monthly payments at some future time, use the _________ function.
If you want to create a date value for the date represented by the year, month, and day arguments, you use which function?
If you want to create a function that displays the current date and time, you use which function?
By default, a chart is inserted as an embedded chart, which means the chart is placed in a worksheet next to its data source. The advantage of an embedded chart is that you can display the chart alongside any text or figures that can explain the chart's meaning and purpose. A disadvantage is that an embedded chart covers worksheet cells, which might contain data and formulas.
What is an embedded chart? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the embedded chart?
data source
Each chart must have a(n) _______.
pie chart
Which chart compares relative values of different categories to the whole?
A chart style is similar to a cell style or a table style in that it formats several chart elements at one time. You can change the color and appearance of the slices by selecting a different chart style from the Chart Styles gallery on the Chart Tools Design tab.
What is a chart style?
chart title
The ____ provides a description of the chart.
True/False: The color of pie slices can be changed.
chart options
the ____ specifies the worksheet cells that contain the data on which the chart
will be based.
True/False: A pie chart compares relative values of different categories to the whole.
rue/False: An exploded pie chart moves one slice away from the pie as if someone were taking the piece out of the pie.
True/False: Leader lines can be added to labels placed outside the slices to connect them to their corresponding slices.
True/False: Charts remain linked or connected to their data sources, even if they appear in different worksheets.
True/False: If you change any values or labels in the data source, the chart must be manually updated to show the new content.
The _____, or value, axis displays the values associated with the heights of each column.
The _____, or category, axis displays the categories associated with each data value.
True/False: A bar chart compares values from different categories.
an _______ chart element floats in the chart area and is not fixed to a particular position.
True/False: A line chart is often used to show trends and changes over time.
rue/False: Charts remain linked or connected to their data sources, even if they appear in different worksheets.
True/False: The Select Data Source dialog box lists all of the data series displayed in the chart.
True/False: If you change any values or labels in the data source, the chart must be manually updated to show the new content
Select the chart to which you want to add a data series
What is the first step when adding a data series to a chart?
True/False: A quick way to copy formatting is to use the Format Painter button
true/False: The Select Data Source dialog box lists all of the data series displayed in the chart.
In general, pie charts should be used only when the number of categories is small and the relative sizes of the different slices can be easily determined.
If you have several categories, use a column or bar chart.
Line charts are best for categories that follow a sequential order.
Be aware, however, that the time intervals must be a constant length if used in a line chart.
Line charts will distort data that occurs in irregular time intervals, making it appear that the data values occurred at regular intervals when they did not. Pie, column, bar, and line charts assume that numbers are plotted against categories. In science and engineering applications, you will often want to plot two numeric values against one another. For that data, use XY scatter charts, which show the patterns or relationship between two or more sets of values. XY scatter charts are also good for data recorded at irregular time intervals. If you still can't find the right chart to meet your needs, you can create a custom chart based on the built- in chart types. Third-party vendors also sell software to allow Excel to create charts not built into the software.
How do you know which type of chart to use with your data?
True/False: You cannot add text to a shape.
To select more than one shape, hold down the _____ key, then click each of the remaining shapes.
True/False: A chart sheet can contain embedded charts
True/False: A chart cannot be rotated in the chart sheet.
x axis
The _______ represents the length of the object.
The chart's ___________ controls how fast the chart appears to recede from the
viewer's eye.
A ________ is a mini chart that is displayed within a worksheet cell
data range
To create a set of sparklines, you first select a ________ , and then you select a
location range where you want the sparklines to appear.
data bar
A ________ is a conditional format that adds a horizontal bar to the background
of a cell containing a numeric value.
There are three types of sparklines - line, column, and win/loss. A line sparkline might be used to show the sales history of a department. A column sparkline could be used to present a record of monthly temperatures and a win/loss sparkline could be used to show the season results for sports teams.
What are the three types of sparklines ?
True/False. When you edit cells in a worksheet group, the changes you make to one worksheet are automatically applied to the other worksheets in the group.
Select the sheet tabs you want to copy
What is the first step in copying worksheets to another workbook?
True/False. The fastest way to copy an entire worksheet to press and hold the Alt
key as you drag and drop the sheet tab
Click the cell where you want to enter the formula. Type = and enter the formula. To insert a reference from another worksheet, click the sheet tab for the worksheet, and then click the cell or select the range you want to reference.
What are the steps to enter a formula that references another worksheet?
It refers to the same cell or range in multiple worksheets in the same workbook.
What is a 3-D reference?
It is the range of worksheets you want to reference.
What is a Worksheet Range?
The same cell or range in each of those worksheets that you want to reference.
What is a CellRange?
A _____ is a connection between the files that allows data to be transferred from one file to the other.
When two files are linked, the _____ file is the workbook that contains the data.
total row
The ______ is displayed at the end of the table.
the ______ file (sometimes referred to as the dependent file) is the workbook
that receives the data.
True/False. A reference in a formula that refers to another workbook is called a
workbook reference.
True/False. When you break a link using the Break Links command in the Edit
Links dialog box, all the external reference formulas are converted to their most
recent values.
A _____ is a link in a file,
True/False. To use a hyperlink, you click the anywhere inside the cell that
contains the link
When you start Excel and see the blank workbook called Book1, you are actually
using a workbook based on a template known as the _____ template.
True/False. You can create a workbook with all the formulas and formatting you
need and then save it as a template on which you can base other workbooks.
custom template
A _____ is a workbook template you create that is ready to run with the formulas
for all calculations included as well as all formatting
cloud computing
___________ refers to data, applications, and even resources that are stored on
servers that you access over the Internet rather than your own computer.
True/False. You can access your SkyDrive and the office Web Apps anywhere
you have Internet access.
True/False. When you save a worksheet as a Web page, Excel converts the contents of the worksheet into XML. (
True/False. You can save an item in a worksheet as a Web page.
When a text file's data is separated by commas, it is said to be _____.
True/False: A text file contains number, text, formulas, and special fonts.
A ______ is a defined method of retrieving data from an external file.
To delete a connection to its data source, select the connection in the list in the Workbook Connections dialog box, and then click the _____ button.
True/False: You can define how Excel updates, or refreshes, the data
Click the Existing Connections button in the Get External Data group on the Data tab. Open the connection you want to apply, and specify the new location in the workbook.
How do you apply a connection to a new location?
Click the Office Button and then click the Excel Options button
Where do you find the Trust Center in Excel?
trust center
You define a trusted location through the _________
True/False: When other users copy your Excel projects to their own computers,
path names to external data sources might change and become unusable.
A ____ is a file that stores a collection of related data.
A ____ is a collection of data arranged in rows and columns.
A ____ is a question you ask about the data in the database.
True/False: In a database, a table and a query are actually the same thing.
True/False: The first step in the Query Wizard is to create a data source.
When you filter data, you specify which records you
want to retrieve using specific criteria.
what is a filter?
True/False: When Excel imports external data into a PivotTable, the initial table is empty
True/False. You cannot connect a new PivotTable to an external data source.
When you _____ a query, Excel retrieves the most current data from the data source, using the query definition you have created.
Rich Text Format (RTF)
_____ is a file format that allows for text formatting styles including boldface, italic, and color, but not advanced features such as hyperlinks or complicated table structures.
Web query files are simple text files, so you can view and edit their contents in Notepad. If you understand the Web query language, you can create sophisticated programs to retrieve and process Web data
How do you edit a Web query?
ticker symbols
____ are abbreviations for the stock names used by the market.
True/False: You cannot manually refresh a Web query.
Data in an XML document is contained within_____.
opening tag
A(n) _____ marks the beginning of the data value.
data map
A(n) _____ can be created that displays the layout of the elements in a
schematic diagram.