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Chapter 7 vocabulary

activity diagram

a type of workflow diagram that describes the user activities and their sequential flow


someone who uses the system (has hands)


titles in activity diagrams that represent who does each activity

ending activity

the terminating point of an activity diagram


a true/false tests to see whether a transition can fire

input message

data going to the system in a system sequence diagram


the vertical line under an object on a sequence diagram to show the passage of time for the object


used to repeat a section of the system


extra explanation on a system sequence diagram


represents an entire automated system in a systems sequence diagram

output message

data returning from the system in a system sequence diagram

starting activity

beginning point for an activity diagram


a rectangular area on an activity diagram representing the activities of a single agent

synchronization bar

a symbol in an activity diagram to control the splitting or uniting of sequential paths; also used for loops

system sequence diagram

a diagram showing the sequence of messages between an external actor and the system during a use case or scenario


the movement of an object from one state to another state

use case diagram

a diagram to show the various user roles and how those roles use the system

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