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Creativity Final

Lecture notes
Company grows large enough that
bureaucracy threatens to dampen speed, risk taking, atmosphere
If people don't stay creative
they cannot survive
Theory X
Employees respond to extrinsic motivation or coercion, were not to be trusted or self-directed
Theory Y
Employees want and need to excel and require the right organizational climate to do so
When each employee can engage with the (systemic) creative process and feels like they are a part of change THEN
the company will reach systemic creativity.
To foster creativity companies must:
-Reduce Unnecessary controls
-Adopt creative-friendly reward systems
-Instill attitudes about efficiency and failure
-Communicate the value of creative change
-Provide tangible and intangible resources
-Lead as a guide, not manage as a manager
Fostering Systemic Creativity
1. Initiate Change 2. Build a Coalition 3. Plan and Experiment