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UCSB's cultural anthropology with Walsh


insiders' perceptions and categories, and their explanations for why they do what they do


an analytical framework used by outside analysts in studying culture


a firsthand, detailed description of a living culture, baed on personal observation.

Informed Consent

an aspect of fieldwork ethics requiring that the researcher inform the research participants of the intent, scope, and possible effects of the proposed study and seek their consent to be in the study.


a research technique that involves gathering verbal data through questions or guided conversation between at least two people.

Participant Observation

basic fieldwork method in cultural anthropology that involves living in a culture for a long time while gathering data.

Qualitative Data

non-numeric information. Such as: recordings of myths and conversations and filming of events. (inductive-etic)

Quantitative Data

numeric information. (deductive-emic)

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