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Craeted by Prof. Michael J H Clarke


True or False. In 1819, after the Manchester speeches, England came very close to a revolution.


True or False. By 1848, England was hoping to catch up with (to equal) the rest of the world in production of iron.


True or False. The number of people in England doubled from 1820 to 1830.


True or False. The great wave of Irish emigrants going to America probably resulted from the Irish Potato Famine in 1840.


True or False. It was uncommon for employees to work sixteen hours a day.


True or False. The Reform Bill of 1832 gave women the right to vote.


Karl Marx worked in England to complete Das Kapital in 1867.


Victorians liked to go to the theater more than they liked to read.


Victorians bought short stories such as "Jane Eyre."


Victorian authors and poets often wrote about the emotions they felt in reaction to human experiences.


Successful writers such as Tennyson or Dickens struggled as much as earlier writers had struggled.

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