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It is not possible to decipher any of your traffic (user names, passwords, data) or even the type of data coming and going. When using this technology:
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One way to encrypt a file is to:Password Protect A Document.There are two fundamental flavors of VPN. The most common is:Gateway VPNWhen the need to email sensitive data to someone else or pass a sensitive document via any storage device, this should be done to ensure the data arrives as intended:Encrypt the file.There are several network protocols that may be used for encryption. The book recommends:IKEv2This is law in most countries, so that government agencies can review who is doing what through the VPN:To maintain user activity logs.When using open wireless, proper security dictates the use of:Virtual Private Network (VPN)If you are using your default DNS server (typically one by your Internet broadband provider), data between your system and the DNS server is:Not encrypted and is recorded.This strategy places multiple computers within the same virtual network regardless of here they are geographically located on the Internet. This is what type pf VPN?Mesh VPN.