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Common phrases in English used in Latin.

exempli gratia (e.g.)

for example

ille est (i.e.)

that is

vice versa

the order being turned around

post mortem

after death

ad hoc

with regard to this

ad nauseam

to nausea

alter ego

another I

de facto

from the fact

deus ex machina

a god from a machine

ipso facto

by the very fact

modus operandi (m.o.)

manner of operating

non sequitur

it does not follow

per capita

by heads

per diem

by the day

per se

by itself

persona non grata

person not acceptable

prima facie

on first appearance

pro tempore (protem)

for the time being

sine qua non

without which not

confer (c.f.)

compare to

requiescat in pace (R.I.P.)

May he/she rest in peace

anno domini (a.d.)

in the year of the Lord

alma mater

nourishing mother (refers to your school)

in Medias res

into the middle of things

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